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Berkeley Heights Chimney Leak Repair

There are many important steps involved in chimney repairs and one of those steps is chimney leak repair. Checking all places exposed to falling water and draining away water from the chimney is critical to resolving the chimney leak issue. Cracks and gaps in a chimney that don’t receive significant amounts of water drainage will be a structural concern, but won’t actually be a chimney leak problem itself. It is the structural failure of a chimney cap that actually creates the chimney leak. This is why chimney caps and chimney repairs are two separate and distinct tasks.

The difference between repairing a chimney crown and chimney flashing is in the process of fixing the cracks and gaps. Flashing is the process of fixing the actual mortar joints at the top of a chimney. Repairing mortar joints can be extremely time consuming and even cost more money than if you didn’t have to fix the cracks.

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There are some common causes for chimney leaks. When it comes to chimney damage, prevention is often better than the cure. Some of the most common causes are cracked or warped mortar joints on the flue wall. When these mortar joints become cracked or warped, it becomes easier for rain and snow to get into your house causing serious structural damage. The only way to avoid having this type of chimney leak repair is to make sure your masonry walls are reinforced with reinforced mortar.

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Rain gutters are another common cause for chimney leaks. Gutters that are not properly installed or not cleaned can result in standing water inside your chimney. This water can then seep up through your chimney flue causing structural damage and possible failure. It is important to regularly inspect your chimney for signs of damage or potential problems. Having chimney gutter cleaning services performed regularly can prevent chimney leaks and other problems from occurring.

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Another common chimney leak repair is caused by poor construction. Chimneys are traditionally made out of bricks and clay and they are very resistant to the elements. In most cases they are built so that the rain, snow, and sleet will simply run off and not enter your home. However, over the years many of our country homes have been built with clay windows and bricks that do not have the proper resistance to the elements.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Roof leaks are also one of the most common causes of chimney leaks. When a roof is first constructed it is typically covered with tar paper. Over time this paper tends to get brittle and starts to crumble under pressure. While this can be an expensive repair on your home, it is usually covered by homeowners insurance and most homeowners can handle the task without any major problems.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Water stains are another problem that can occur on your chimney. These stains can be caused by the evaporation of standing water from the chimney, condensation from the roof, or leaking ducts. In order to detect these types of chimney leaks you should always look for visible water stains. If you find water stains, you should call your chimney repair company immediately and have the stain dried professionally.

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Leaks can also occur at the bottom of the chimney flue. In most cases you will notice a black or dark brown stain near the bottom of the chimney. This is often caused by water seeping into the chimney and getting caught up in the flashing between the roof and chimney. In order to remedy this problem you should first inspect the chimney to make sure there are no cracks, damages, or signs of leakage. If you find that one of your chimney flue vents is the cause of your leak, then simply replacing the crack with a new one will correct the problem.