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Having your roof installed, repaired, or replaced is no small investment. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to pay it off. When you work with Peter’s Roofing, you’re working with professionals that care not only about the integrity of your roof but for your financial situation as well.

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Our contractors have years of experience working and negotiating with home insurance providers to ensure that when our job is done, you aren’t left with a bill you cannot afford. In almost every case, our services will only cost you little to nothing at all. Here’s how we do it:

1. Call Peter’s Roofing for a Free Inspection
Once you set up an appointment with us that works within your schedule, we drive to your home or business to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof. Our experienced contractors will know exactly what your roof needs to be at peak performance and will get to the root of the problem.

2. We Give You Estimates Based on a Range of Options
After we have narrowed down the source of your troubles, we’ll provide you with a free estimate based on what needs to be worked and your budget. You will have a choice from a variety of services and materials we offer. The quote will include everything meaning that there are no hidden fees or service charges that we haven’t already included.

3. Lock in a Price that Fits Your Budget
Once you are satisfied with a quote that fits your budget, we’ll lock in the price. Your bill won’t mysteriously go up just because something changes down the road. You’ll know what your bill will be before we even start working on your roof!

4. We Contact Your Insurance Agent to Make Sure Your Bill is Covered
Then as our contractors get to work, we’ll be negotiating with your insurance agent to ensure you pay little to nothing out of pocket. It’s as simple as that!

5. Any Repairs Paid for Goes Towards a New Roof
We’re here to help! If your roof only needs a repair today, we’re not going to try and sell you a new roof! We want you as a lifelong customer! So much so, that if you have us do a repair for you, you’ll receive a coupon for the same amount paid for the repair, to be applied towards a new roof later down the road with us!

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Your home is one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make in your life. More than just a place to lay your head at night, it protects you, your family and even your pets from not just the elements but the world at large. That’s why when it’s time to hire roofing contractors for roof installation, roof replacement or roof repair, you need a roofing company that cares as much about your property and your family as you do. Tired of sleazy doorknockers, storm chasers, high-pressure salesmen? Look no further! Even if you’ve already signed an agreement with another roof company, WE CAN HELP!

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Our Roofing Services

Experience Matters
Unlike other roofing teams that hire folks off the street to come work on your precious investment, we’ve built our dedicated team from the ground up. Having worked together for years, we have the hands-on experience, technical know-how and dedication to each other to ensure you always get the quality work that you’re investing in. Each of our staff members is highly-trained, knowledgeable and ready to provide you excellent craftsmanship.

Safety First, Always
Along with the high-quality craftsmanship and fair pricing, we also pride ourselves on maintain excellent safety ratings. In this industry, it can be a challenge to keep people and property safe when you’re climbing up and down on steep roofs, but we adhere to strict safety guidelines and principles to ensure we’re always at the top of our safety game. Rest assured, we take safety seriously, and as one of our top priorities.

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Responsive Service
Whether you have a roofing emergency, or you just need to prepare yourself for a roof replacement over the summer, we’ll make sure you get taken care of on your time. That means we’re able to respond to both emergencies and planned events alike, with services that fit your response needs. We’ll make time to visit your property, evaluate the problem, discuss viable solutions, and then act quickly to address the issue.

Quality Craftsmanship
We always provide high-quality, attention-to-detail work no matter the size of the job; and at a price that makes you comfortable. We will always go out of our way to provide long-lasting value when it comes to your roofing needs. What’s more, our work is backed by the best roofing warranties available today, so you can rest assured our professional roofing contractors will do the very best job while using the very best materials.