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Roofing Services Edison, New Jersey
If you are in Edison, you might at one time or the other need roofing services. If you don’t, then you probably know someone who does. They might be a homeowner who wants help with their residential roofing. It could be a business that needs help with their commercial roofing. So, if you find any of those to be the case, then read closely. Peter’s Roofing has the best deals to offer. We offer roof inspection services to help you determine the state of your roof. So, you should have our number on speed dial. Our company was founded when we realized that residents of Edison and its surrounding areas deserve better roofing services. We are always open and you are free to contact us at any time.

You can also reach out to us through phone calls or email. Contact us today for your free estimate via +1 973-573-6191.


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Residential Roofing
When you need residential roofing services, you go online and search for ‘Peter’s Roofing’. However, your search brings a list of roofing contractors and you don’t know which one to go for. Luckily for you, Peter’s Roofing is here. Our goal is to ensure the residents of New Jersey can rest easy knowing their home is secure. We secure your home from the elements by providing top-notch residential roofing services.

As a company owned by realtors, we understand the importance of good roofing to a home. Having top-quality roofing means you spend less on roof repairs. So, you get to save up your money. You might also decide to use this money for something else. In all, you get peace of mind which in turn increases your quality of life. All this is because you have a quality roof. Contact us for your residential roofing and get a roof with 25 years of labor warranty.


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Commercial Roofing
Having good commercial roofing makes you more profit. How? When you utilize the services of our licensed commercial roofing contractors, you save money. By that we mean the money you would have spent on avoidable repairs will stay in your business. This way you can either have more money to spend or have a higher profit margin. However, if you feel more profit is bad for your business, then don’t utilize our commercial roofing services. Whether it’s a warehouse or an office building, our roofing contractors are always on standby to help you. Take advantage of this opportunity today.


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Roof Inspection Services
A resident of Edison might search for ‘Peter’s Roofing’. However, when this happens they either need a new roof or a repair. A stitch in time, they say, saves nine. So, instead of waiting for your roof to develop a problem, why not call us? We offer roof inspection services to determine problem areas in your roof. We inspect roofs to determine areas that need repairs and maintenance. Our contractors can also estimate the remaining lifespan of the roof. So, you can plan your finances and include saving for a new roof. This is made easy for you because you have an idea of when you’ll be needing it. In the long run, you will find that using our roof inspection services is one of your best financial decisions.


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We work because we care. Our contractors are honest professionals dedicated to providing high-quality work. As roofing contractors, our roofing services is not just about mounting your roof. We also help you with the insurance paperwork for your roof. So, when you are getting a roof repair, the cost will be more favorable to you. We also help with filing insurance claims for your roof. All these and more are the reasons why you should choose us. We offer our services to:

Edison and its surrounding areas.

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