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Elizabeth Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney or fireplace repairs are often necessary in order to prevent the spread of winter fires. Unfortunately, chimney fires that are allowed to fester will result in massive destruction and serious injury or death. Repair chimney fires before they cause too much damage to property or cause residents to be forced to leave their homes is essential. The average homeowner may spend as much as $850 on average on chimney repair work of all types.

Water leak repairs can run the gamut from minor to major. For example, roof leaks often occur when snow melts on the roof and then runs down the chimney in precipitation. In such cases, the melted snow may enter the flue and flow down toward the chimney. If this water is not cleaned up promptly, it will eventually fill the chimney, which will lead to condensation problems, ultimately causing the chimney to clog and blockage. In extreme cases, roofs that are completely saturated with water may need chimney flashing installed to address the problem.

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Rain is also one of the most common causes of chimney leaks. Even when rain isn’t falling inside your chimney, gushing water from nearby sources can result in damage to a chimney, as can melting snow. Even rain that doesn’t enter through your chimney can cause water damage to your roof by running off downspouts and onto the roof decking. Rain can also damage ceilings and walls, which can allow the building codes for chimney safety to become flimsy and fail to protect residents from serious chimney damage.

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Even chimney fires can cause considerable amounts of water damage. When a fireplace is smoldering, and a chimney smoke stack is flaring up, there is the possibility of flashover. Flashover occurs when the heated air in the chimney stacks up against the colder outside air, causing condensation and water stains to form. This type of water stain is very dangerous; it can cause serious problems such as smoke stains on your clothes, ceiling or wall, and can even cause the structure of your house to crumble. Firefighters and chimney inspectors are able to spot chimney leaks by inspecting the chimney for visible water stains. In cases where there is no visible water stains, however, the inspectors often perform chimney repairs, replacing deteriorated materials, and cleaning chimney flues.

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Masonry chimney leaks are typically caused by cracks or gaps in the masonry chimney walls. These cracks and gaps can become quite wide, sometimes resulting in water spills that lead to damp areas inside the chimney. Other times, masonry chimney leaks are caused by cracked or broken bricks inside the chimney. In this situation, the bricks might appear to be cracked, but they are actually still flat. Other times, bricks might have shifted out of place, thus permitting a gash to start.

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In order to prevent rain from entering inside your chimney, you should try to seal all cracks, holes, and gaps in the chimney crown. Sealants can also help seal smaller cracks. If the chimney crown does get damaged, you will need to cut holes in it and insert rods through it. The bricks should be arranged in an apparent pattern, with each row running parallel to the rod. These rods should be inserted into the bricks just before they bend upward, and they should be bent upward until they are resting on top of the crevice.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Once the rods have been inserted, the bricks should be allowed to sit for a day or two. If the bricks are still bent, then it might be necessary to replace them. After the damage has been fixed, the chimney cap should be reattached to the chimney. The reattachment process should be done by using bricks that are the same size as those that were originally there.

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If after a few days the chimney crowns no longer stay in place, you will have to apply additional sealant around them. This extra sealant will keep water from getting inside the chimney, which could eventually cause damage to the flue. You should also keep your chimney cap away from dampness, as this could eventually cause cracks. Finally, you should make sure that you never smoke near a chimney. If you do, then it is recommended that you use a chimney brush to keep the smoke from entering inside the house.