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If your home has suffered water damage that affects its appearance, roofing and siding repair is necessary. Unfortunately, the process of replacing damaged siding and roofing can be very expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from two to five times more than replacement or remodeling costs of comparable homes.

Siding Installation. The average per-home cost for repairing siding actually sits at around $500. This price will vary widely among different siding types, too. Generally, repairs on lower-priced materials, such as vinyl siding, can only cost a few hundred dollars. However, more expensive repairs, such as stone siding repair, will cost up to five thousand dollars.

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There are two main factors to keep in mind when considering repair prices. One is that most aluminum and wood siding are anodized – that is, it has been treated with a protective coating to resist corrosion. It is important to note that this coating does not last forever and must eventually be stripped away. So while anodized vinyl siding may appear to be less expensive over time, it may actually cost more in the long run to replace it due to the need to continually apply the protective coat.

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Another factor to consider is the potential for future warping due to exposure to heat and moisture. Over time, exposed wood siding can develop deep grooves that can easily harbor mold spores and other organisms that may prove detrimental to your health. Likewise, aluminum and fiberglass siding contracts and expands, causing cracks over time. While this typically manifests as a shingle-like crack over a few years, such expansion and contraction can actually weaken the entire roof system, leading to leaks and possible greater structural damage down the road.

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Repairing your siding will also likely increase the amount of time it takes to pay off the initial investment. As previously mentioned, vinyl siding is not considered a long-term investment and therefore may not justify increased repair costs. If you are considering hiring a contractor to repair your siding, make sure you discuss the amount of potential additional expense associated with such work. Additionally, many home improvement stores carry vinyl siding repair material, so it should not be difficult to find a variety of techniques and products.

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One way to decrease the overall cost of a vinyl siding repair is to choose the right material. For instance, wood costs much less per square foot than aluminum or fiberglass, so if you are looking to replace your siding, consider wood as an option. In addition to the initial investment, wood requires more maintenance. While some wood might require simple cleaning every couple of years, other wood will need to be stained or painted. Additionally, wood is affected by weather and can quickly change in color, which can greatly affect the final appearance of your home.

Best Siding Repair in Elizabethport, New Jersey

While there are certainly some disadvantages associated with hiring roofing and siding contractors, such investment should be considered carefully. There are several important factors to keep in mind when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional. For instance, the total cost of such repairs will likely be far lower than if you attempted to perform the repair on your own. Additionally, roofing and siding contractors have training and expertise in the particular techniques they use, which can significantly reduce the risk of damage or injury to your home and property.

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If you decide to hire a contractor, always remember to check references and ask about past projects. Also, it can be helpful to ask your friends or family members who have recently used the services of a contractor for advice. Additionally, make sure you research the company you plan to hire on the Internet. Look for online reviews and ask friends and family whom they use for help in selecting a roofing and siding contractor. By doing a little bit of research, you can avoid costly mistakes when making repairs to your home’s exterior.