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We are 100% focused on providing the best local roofers for your roofing job!
Peter’s Roofing is dedicated to meeting your most demanding roofing needs by installing and repairing roofing systems in the local Elmwood Park metro area. With nearly 11 years experience as a licensed roofer for Elmwood Park residents, we offer unbeatable service and quality work in all the roofing services we offer. Let us help show you why Peter’s Roofing is perfect for any roofing services you need!

We Know How A Good Roof Works
It is important to understand the importance of a well built roof, let us show you why it matters. When considering the role that a roof plays, do not forget that it is the main line of defense against the elements. Rain, hail, wind, and heat can give a roof a beating, and it is important that the roof can withstand and protect your building. Modern day roofing systems offer unmatched heat and water resistance. Not only can a good roof keep your A/C costs down, it can also protect your building from leaking and any damage associated with water. A good roof can help you feel safe in your building, and we can help you install and maintain it!

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Our Variety Of Services
Through our wide variety of products and services, Peter’s Roofing offers professional service in installing, replacing, and repairing roofs.

Repairing Roofs is a service we provide that follows step-by-step procedures to ensure your roof is back to its fullest in no time! We know how roofing systems become damaged, so we go the extra mile in inspecting and analyzing the roofs we repair for any other not yet noticable problems. Roof flashing a pipe collars work in unison to protect your building from home, and one weak link can give your roof more trouble than you would expect! By inspecting, repairing, and analyzing, our employees can fix the problem at hand and help you truly understand what your roof may need in the future!

Installing roofing systems is a steady and thorough process that we have perfected over the years! Each type of roof works in its own way, making it important that it is installed properly. We begin by first inspecting the existing roof or building to truly understand how to proceed with the installation process. Once there is a grasp on how the roofing system can be installed, the hands on process can begin. This involves installing flashing and pipe collars, organizing and placing tiles, shingles, or other material, and ensuring everything is fitted and installed properly. Lastly, a finishing inspection establishes that the roof is installed and ready for use!

We don’t just do residential homes, either! Our trained professionals can also work with roofing systems on commercial and industrial buildings. We provide roofing services on buildings of all shapes and sizes!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed
We firmly believe that the services we offer here at Peter’s Roofing are unmatched against competitors. We strive to make sure your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible. With years of experience under our professional employees belts, you can expect absolute satisfaction from the roofs we create and maintain. Whether you’re seeking a simple roof repair, a freshly installed commercial roof, or even a simple residential installation, we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done well.

Invest In A Quality Roof Today
If there is any component to a building that you should not skimp out on it is the roofing system. For matters of safety, well-being, and practicality, it is important to invest in a well build roof. Incredible variety in systems allows us to create the ideal roofing system for your home or building. Factors such as climate and durability can be tailored to perfectly fit your roof. We guarantee that our professionally built roofing systems and repairs can meet insurance and building code requirements.

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Meeting building codes and regulations when deciding in a roof system is key to getting a good insurance claim. We understand the insurance claim process and assist our customers in meeting their requirements. Sometimes insurance companies have specific requirements, which we can help you meet while still making it the perfect roof for you!

Questions & Concerns
Peter’s Roofing is determined in making our customers happy. Would you like to learn more about the services we offer and what we can do to assist you personally? We provide guides and information on our services and products throughout our website. Visit our services page or our about page for additional information. We encourage those interested to contact us or file for a free quote. We would love to help show you why we’re the right company for the job!

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Roofing Systems
Residential roofs are a key factor in the appearance and operation of a home. Through offering an array of different roofing systems for residential buildings, we can help you perfectly tailor your roof to fit your home! Certain appearances and styles appeal to different homeowners. Whether you want an asphalt shingle system to produce a modern look or a tile system for its long standing reputation and established appearance! Not sure what is right for your home? All of our systems are explained in greater detail through our roofing systems section.

Commercial & Industrial roofs on the other hand are usually entirely different systems. Creating a value and operation based roof is key when considering systems for commercial and industrial use. Tried and true systems such as PVC and TPO provide incredible water resistance, heat resistance, and flexibility to work with your building. Other materials such as metal can give a stylized look while maintaining a long standing life cycle and unbeatable damage resilience. We know how important a good roof is, residential and commercial/industrial wise especially!

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