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Peter’s Roofing Systems are Better and Cost 10% – 30% Less

Best New Jersey Flat Roofing Systems

Flat Roof Installation, Repair & Maintenance in New Jersey

Peter’s Roofing has been on the leading edge of repairing, installing and maintaining industrial and commercial flat roofs in New Jersey.

Based in Fair Lawn New Jersey, we’ve installed thousands of durable, high-quality flat roofs and roof coating systems in Fair Lawn and the surrounding areas.

Because we have lower overhead than some of our larger competitors, we’re able to offer price points they can’t touch. On average our flat roofing systems cost 10% to 30% less.

Although we’ll use whatever flat roofing materials you specify, we believe GAF MasterElite for flat roofs offer the best quality, performance and value for New Jersey businesses.

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3 BENEFITS of GAF MasterElite Flat Roofing Systems

GAF MasterElite roofing systems are budget-friendly and cost less to install than inferior alternatives. Our GAF MasterElite roofing systems are white and reflect the sun’s UV rays – reducing HVAC costs and decreasing the temperature inside the building during hot summer months.

Our GAF MasterElite roofing systems are resistant to punctures & tears, fire damage, UV rays, chemicals, mold, mildew and harsh New Jersey winters.

GAF MasterElite roofing systems reflect UV rays away from the building, reducing the amount of energy consumption by the building. GAF MasterElite roofing membranes are 100% recyclable.

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New Jersey’s Best Commercial & Industrial Roofing Company
Peter’s Roofing has over two decades of experience providing the highest-caliber commercial and industrial flat roofing services in New Jersey.

Our Fair Lawn commercial roofing contractors fix and maintain all types of commercial flat roofing systems whether we built them or not. We offer free roof inspections and will give you our honest opinion on whether you can get more life out of your current system or need to replace it.

Local, experienced commercial roofing contractors
Peter’s Roofing is the commercial roofing contractor of choice for New Jersey businesses of all types: from restaurants to supermarkets, strip malls & retail stores. Higher quality & lower prices make us the best commercial roofers for flat roof repair, maintenance & installation in New Jersey.

Industrial roofing specialists
Peter’s Roofing specializes in non-penetrating industrial flat roof systems. We have longstanding relationships with some of the leading industrial corporations in New Jersey. Contact us for competitive pricing on a long-lasting flat roof installation or repair meeting all New Jersey building and safety codes.

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Why New Jersey industry loves working with Peter’s Roofing:

We’re flat roof specialists.

All we do is build, fix, and maintain watertight flat roofing systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Other so-called commercial roofers spend their summers working on houses, then turn to commercial roofing in the off-season when the residential money dries up. Our focus is 100% on high-performing industrial roofing systems.

We control our costs so you can control yours.

We use the latest technology in the commercial roofing industry and keep overhead low. Even though we use the highest quality commercial roofing materials, our superior flat roofing systems cost 10% – 30% less than anywhere else.

Quality people build quality roofing.

All Peter’s Roofing employees are English-speaking U.S. citizens. Many commercial roofing companies in New Jersey cannot make this claim. Some industrial roofing companies send out entire crews who cannot speak English. Clear communication is part of a safe work environment and at Peter’s Roofing, your safety will never come into question.

We don’t consider your business a stage to show off. We get in and get out, quietly and efficiently—you will be surprised by just how fast and unobtrusive our New Jersey commercial roofing crew can be.

Our salespeople have all worked on roofs themselves and know the New Jersey industrial and commercial roofing industry backwards and forwards. When you meet with Peter’s Roofing, you get a real consultation, not a sales pitch from some guy who was selling used cars two months ago.

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Where we work and who we work with

We’re New Jersey’s best roofing contractors. We serve residents in Fair Lawn and its surrounding areas.

Our clients include many of New Jersey’s leading industrial corporations, and we work with business owners, facility managers, and all different types of commercial buildings. Whether you’ve got ponding on your restaurant flat roof or need industrial roof waterproofing for a manufacturing plant, we’re your best option. We also offer polyurethane spray foam insulation.

Get a free flat roof inspection & consultation for your commercial building.

We take pride in installing high-quality, high-performing industrial flat roof systems and helping you get the longest life possible out of your roof. Give us a call during business hours or send us a message online for a free, no-pressure consultation.

Contact Peter’s Roofing today for expert assessment of your commercial flat roofing system.

Peter’s Roofing installs new flat roofing systems and low slope seam roofs anywhere in New Jersey. We have a full line of coatings.

Peter’s Roofing will take care of all the preventative maintenance you’ll ever need on your existing roofing system – whether we installed it or not.

Peter’s Roofing fixes existing flat roof or low slope metal standing seam roofs no matter who installed it in the first place.