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Fairfield Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney Leak Repair is the most common type of chimney repair call chimney contractors get asked to do. The first question chimney contractors are often asked is, “How long does a chimney last?” This is an easy question to answer since there really only be one answer to this question. As far as how long a chimney lasts you should know that a chimney is a man made structure made out of a clay tile and the clay heats up when it is put in a fire and then slowly cools down again as it burns down. So if your chimney is older than ten years you would be in luck and have a longer chimney life than most.

Old brick chimney crowns are very susceptible to cracking and falling out and new bricks are much stronger. Old bricks can crack with much less effort than the new bricks and cause more cracks in an area of your fireplace pit than the new bricks. If you have older bricks try to replace them with new ones until you can find some crack repairs. The older bricks might have some cracks and some portions might be missing. If you do find some loose bricks and they can be replaced you will save yourself a lot of money because you can hire a chimney contractor and pay to have the entire chimney reconstructed instead of repairing the portions of the roof that are loose.

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Chimney Flap Repair / Reinforcement Most chimney flaps are made from cementitious material and are actually composed of clay tiles that are tightly bonded together with a reinforcing agent. This reinforcement allows for the chimney to be able to withstand wind loads as high as eighty miles an hour. It is also important to have the chimney flashing properly installed so that it does not blow out during extreme wind storms. If you have a chimney flashing that has cracks or flaking sections in it is important to replace it before the weather conditions get worse and you need a chimney repair.

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Chimney Towing And Repairs Chimney tuck (re-tucking) is something most chimney builders have to do periodically because of cracks and other damage. A lot of old brick chimney panels are made of clay tile and if they are not tuckpointed they will cause quite a bit of problems down the road. A professional chimney contractor will be able to perform this service professionally and the average cost for this service is about two hundred dollars.

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Miles Performing Chimney inspections require an experienced chimney stack contractor to do so safely. The average time it takes to have a chimney stack inspected is between two and three hours.

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Leak Detection And Repair Roof leaks are a different story, typically they can’t be detected by a naked eye and they usually occur after the roof has deteriorated significantly. When a roof leak happens it causes creosote (a chemical substance produced by trees) to build up under the roof, on the inside walls and at grade. When this creosote reaches a certain point it becomes too dangerous to work on and the chimney has to be repaired. Sometimes, a small crack or creosote pocket forms and is enough to allow the water to seep through and damage the house.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Fairfield, New Jersey

Cracks In The Stack Chimney stacks that aren’t properly supported by bricks or stone can easily develop cracks. If these cracks become larger they can seep into the house and create quite a bit of structural damage. The best thing to do is to have your chimney looked at by a chimney sweep professional. The chimney sweep is a skilled professional who has the experience and expertise needed to identify chimney problems such as cracks, holes and other structural damage.

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Repair Costs Depending on the severity of the leak/crack, the repair costs will vary widely. If the crack or leak is fairly small, the average cost for repair might be around $100, which isn’t expensive compared to the price of a home damaged by water damage in the same area. If the crack or leak is much more severe than the average cost of repair is closer to a few thousand dollars. It is also important to remember that chimney repairs rarely ever get done for free as chimney sweep professionals charge by the hour, so if you find yourself needing repair services, it may be in your best interest to either lower your demand for water based cleaners, or to have your chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep professional at least once a year.