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If you need a contractor, you can enjoy the quality construction abilities of our local Peter’s Roofing crew. We are ready to show you why so many people trust our customer satisfaction for quick response, dependable service and no-nonsense pricing.

Peter’s Roofing: Roof Repair in Fords

We understand that when you need a new roof, you need it immediately.
-Whether you lost a few shingles in a storm or routinely require buckets in the house every time it rains, we understand more than most why roof needs can’t be put off.
-Have you noticed the telltale signs of mold or mildew in your attic or between your wall joints? If so, your roof needs help, and you can’t afford to delay. After all, leaks don’t fix themselves; they grow.
-Sometimes you need more than roof help to complete a major renovation. Our roofing contractors want to make it easy, so we perform a variety of services.

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We’re roofers, but we do more than roofing
-Our experienced professionals can quickly pinpoint your problems. We know you don’t want a crew hanging around at all hours, so we do our best to finish in a reasonable time without leaving a wake of roof tacks and trash behind us.
-We understand that you might be able to get up on the roof and tackle the job yourself, but we also know that you couldn’t get the job done as easily, professionally or as quickly as we could. If you fall, your doctor bills will quickly gobble the savings.
-Besides being roofing experts, we are also experienced at replacing or installing siding, gutters, etc. We’re here to help whether you’re rebuilding after a disaster, remodeling or just starting out on your dream home.

If you would like to ask a question regarding windows, siding, doors or gutters please contact a roofing expert from Peter’s Roofing now.

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Here’s how our experience saved this couple some grief:
I was hesitant to begin my roof repairs because I was nervous the roofer would take too long or leave scraps and trash behind on the ground. I am very pleased with my new roof and the experience I had with your company. I must say you have been one of the kindest and most helpful people to do business with. Your workers did an excellent job. Within 5 hours, the roofing job was completed. They picked up everything, including all the scraps; nothing was left behind on the ground or in the bushes. Your timing couldn’t have been better as the roof was put on before the big snow arrived. I went out on the step looked up and said to the roof, “Now show me what you’ve got, baby.” I will gladly recommend your company based on my experience with you. Thanks a million.

We ensure free window, siding, roofing project consultation!

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars based on customer reviews.

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They called me back and arrived at the agreed upon time, his roofing estimate was more than reasonable. The work was done in the time frame that he promised, I was very pleased with everything. Not too long after that, I contracted with him for a new roof, siding and slider replacement. Everything turned out great. With Peter’s Roofing crew, there is never a “hard-sell” or any pressure to sign a contract.

Russell Severn

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