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At Peter’s Roofing, roofing is our specialty. We are one of the best roofing companies in the Hawthorne, New Jersey area. We have a great reputation for handling both commercial and residential roofing. Not only do we provide a great service, but we also do it for a very affordable price.

We have been in the roofing business for a very long time. So, rest assured that we can help you with your roofing needs today.

Peter’s Roofing: New Roof Installation in Hawthorne

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We strive to provide top notch roofing service, and our goal is to understand and provide exactly what every home or business owner needs. We are unlike many other roofing companies because we do more than what is usually expected. Not only do we provide wonderful service, but we also possess insurance so that you never have to worry about anything going wrong. In addition, we have both commercial and residential roofing licenses.

We will not bill you until you are completely satisfied with our roofing service. Our roofing specialists use high quality products from reputable roofing companies. Thus, understand that your products have extended warranties that are supported by both Peter’s Roofing and many of the other top roofing manufacturers in the industry.

Roofing Repair in Hawthorne

Roofs get leaks for many different reasons. Here in Peter’s Roofing, we get a lot of high winds and storms in the area. But you could also have roofing problems due to damaged tree branches or rotting shingles. But one of the worst causes of roof damage has to do with shingles or flashing that was never installed correctly. There’s usually nothing wrong with the shingle. It just wasn’t installed properly.

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However, it doesn’t matter how or why the damaged occurred. The most important thing is that you take care of roofing damage as soon as possible. This is the best way to ensure that further damage doesn’t occur. Also, while the roof is being repaired, you must ensure that other roofing damage does not exist. At Peter’s Roofing, we can perform this service for you. But if you don’t act quickly, this could weaken the structure of your home or business. It could also turn into a very expensing roofing job.

Did you know that your roof has a higher chance of leaking if “water and ice shield” was never a part of the original installation? It has a higher chance of getting water damage. If the gutters are clogged, water will flow and leak into the walls of your home. Most people try to wait until the spring months to schedule roofing repairs, but we can handle repairs all year round.

Give Peter’s Roofing a call today if there’s a problem with your roof. Don’t wait for the weather to get warm before scheduling an appointment with us. If you wait, this can cause even more damage. Repair the damage as soon as possible.

Residential Roofer in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Do you need a residential roofer for your home in Hawthorne, New Jersey? We know that you want the roof to protect your home and look wonderful at the same time. We can ensure that not only does the roof provide protection for your home, but it has great curb appeal as well. Our roofing materials will look good and last a long time. When it comes to residential roofing, we can repair, re-roof and construct new roofs.

Best New Roof Installation in Hawthorne, New Jersey

Peter’s Roofing has insured and licensed roofers, and we are the leading roofer in the Hawthorne area. We have numerous years of roofing experience, and we will ensure that your roof will last a long time. Expect to get a quality roof for an affordable price. We can guarantee that you will like the look of your new roof, and like how it protects your home.

You can trust the professionals at Peter’s Roofing to give you a quality roof that meets all of your expectations. Expect to receive the following:

-Affordable prices
-Water damage repairs
-Leak repairs
-New roof construction services
-Re-roofs and tear-offs
-Gutter services
-Emergency repair service in Hawthorne and its surrounding areas

Commercial Roofing Company in Hawthorne

We can perform all types of commercial roofing jobs. This includes repairs, tear offs and re-roofing projects in the Hawthorne and its surrounding areas. We have installed roofs that are still standing, and company owners did not have to pay a lot of money to get long lasting quality. This is because we only use high quality materials that can last a long time.

Hawthorne New Roof Installation Near Me

We know that you want your building to have a roof that not only protects your company, but looks good. Peter’s Roofing is one of the top roofers in the area, and we provide great service.

Our Commercial Roofing Services Include:

-Licensed, insured, qualified and experienced roofers
-Affordable prices
-Long lasting products
-Great warranties
-Roofing repair specialists
-Fast and free quotes
-Energy efficient materials
-Exceptional customer service and integrity
-Quality roofing repairs

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If you’d like more information on our local roofing company, our services, pricing or would like to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, please contact the professionals at Peter’s Roofing today. We can be reached by phone at +1 973-573-6191 or by submitting our easy, no-obligation form. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!

Roofing Contractor in the Hawthorne, New Jersey Area

If you want to get the best prices in Hawthorne and its surrounding area, then give us a call before calling any other roofing company in the region. We can provide the best roofing service for the most affordable price. We also know what to do to make sure that your roof can hold up to the storms and winds that are in the area.

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Don’t trust the protection of your home to just any roofing contractor. Many companies claim that they have the best materials, and this may be true. But Peter’s Roofing has the best materials and knows exactly how to install them the right way so that they last a long time.

The Best Roofing Service in the Hawthorne Area

If you live in the Hawthorne area, listen up!

Were you aware that one of the main reasons that roofs fall apart is because they were never installed properly? Even if a roofer has the best roofing materials in the world, the roof is still going to leak eventually, if the roof was installed incorrectly.

However, you don’t have to worry about this happening with our roofing service. We use the best roofing materials and we know how to install roofs the right way. We also take into consideration the weather that New Jersey is known for. Contact Peter’s Roofing if you need additional info about how we can solve your roofing problems.

Hawthorne’s Top Roofing Service

If you want to do business with one of the best roofing services in the Hawthorne area, then contact us for a free quote.

If you have a home in this area and you want a roofer that is dependable and reliable, then we are your best choice. Call and get a free quote for the best roofing service in the Hawthorne, New Jersey area.

Contact Peter’s Roofing at +1 973-573-6191 for a free quote about our roofing services. A representative will contact you to discuss your roofing needs in detail.