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Peter’s Roofing is a Hillsborough roofing contractor located in Hillsborough and serving the entire Hillsborough and its surrounding areas. We specialize in commercial, multi-family, and residential re-roofing and roofing repairs. We also install skylights as a part of a re-roofing project.

We treat every roofing job with professionalism, and work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether it is roofing for your Hillsborough business, apartment complex, or a home roofing project, trust Peter’s Roofing to get the job done right and on time. You can expect us to approach every roofing job with dedication, honesty, and integrity.

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It takes years of planning to make a large investment on a new commercial or industrial roof. How many times have you deferred the replacement of the roof because of budget constraints, wrong timing, or simply unsure of the commercial roofing system you want to install?

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Multi-family housing encompasses a wide range of buildings, including but not limited to apartments, condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, townhouses – to name a few. This is one of the most challenging roofing projects a roofing contractor can ever undertake.

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Most people replace their home’s roof once in their lifetime. Some people move so much that they never have the opportunity to go through the experience of replacing their residential roof. Others are experts at remodeling their homes and replacing their roof.

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Preventative roof maintenance can detect early signs of a failing roof system and extend the useful life of your roof.