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At Peter’s Roofing our team of experts leverages the latest leak detection technologies including Infrared Thermography, moisture scanners, and more.

You might not need a new roof. At Peter’s Roofing we will work with you to repair and extended the life of your roof, saving you thousands in the long run.

We offer innovative roofing solutions for every budget.

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We Achieve MoreWe have built a culture on excellence. Our team comprises of the best Roofers who can execute projects to the highest degree. Our professionalism is unmatched, safety is our priority, and with over 12 years of combined experience we got the numbers to get the job done.

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We take Roofing to next level &
we’re always seeking to better ourselves.

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Whether it be attending facility management conferences, or providing in depth & safety and training programs to our team members, we are always striving to do better.

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You can’t manage what you don’t know. We can locate leaks and defects, determine what services, if any, are needed and provide a roofing inspection.

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Can’t find the leak? Our production staff are experts at locating leak sources on residential and commercial roofs and making high-quality repairs that last.

Peter’s Roofing provides services designed to proactively manage the life of roofing assets, saving building owners time, money, and stress.

Peter’s Roofing provides a cost-effective, sustainable, long-term and comprehensive solution so you can avoid premature roof replacement.

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Roof corrective repairs are done when unaddressed conditions become a problem. Peter’s Roofing will fix existing defects and stop the spread of failed areas.

Explore, other roofing services including: corrective repairs, wall repairs, concrete/pavement renovations, and below grade/foundation waterproofing.

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At Peter’s Roofing, we believe in providing excellent customer service at every level.

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