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These guys were fantastic. They gave us a very competitive quote on our new roof and the work was done well and in a very timely fashion. After the job was finished they spent a generous amount of time doing cleanup. We did not have to worry about old nails in the lawn at all. They responded to my emails very quickly and even helped advise on some issues with the neighbors adjoining roof a few weeks after they had finished (townhouse). Very professional outfit that does a great job and doesn’t overcharge. I’ve done a few roof replacements and their estimates are very fair. No way you’ll be disappointed with this company!
–Verified Review from Matthew Wilson on Google

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Your roof protects your home. It shields you from the elements – especially important here in the Kendall Park region with our tendency to get heavy spring rains and frequent winter blizzards. When you invest in a new roof, we realize the process can be intimidating because let’s face it: hire the right roofing contractor and you have an investment that will last at least 11 years. Hire the wrong roofing company and you’ll end up paying double in either repairs or re-installations.

Improperly installed roofs lead to costly long-term damage including mold, water stains, rotting wood and collapsed drywall. While most homeowners understand the importance of making sure the job is done right the first time, unfortunately almost all Kendall Park roofing contractors say “We do top quality service and get the job right”, but very few actually put their money where their mouth is. All too often, when the job is done and they have your money, they don’t care any more and they suddenly become unreachable.

That’s why all our roof installations are backed up by our own in-house warranty at zero additional cost to you. We’re always just a phone call away and customer satisfaction is our number one priority – we put our money where our mouth is, so you never have to worry.

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Roofing Services Executive Brief

Roof Replacement
For when it’s time for the old roof to come off and a brand new one to take it’s place.

Fast Roof Repair
For when storms damage the roof and require partial replacement.

New Roof Installation
For new construction requiring a first time roof.

Choose the top commercial roofers in Kendall Park & and its surrounding areas.

We are commercial roofing and flat roofing experts. We want your business to stay on top of its game. The last thing you need is to have to close your doors while a roof installation or repairs are carried out. We know your commercial roofing system is vital to providing safety and security from the elements for you to remain open for business. Well, we’ve got you covered (literally)! Kendall Park Region weather can wreak havoc on our rooftops. It’s important to keep up with regular roof inspections and maintenance. We are here to ensure your roof stays in perfect shape!

We are the commercial roofing contractors and flat roofing specialists to choose if you ever need a brand new commercial roof installation. We can supply you with a free, no obligation quote. As a commercial roofing company, we stand apart from other roofers in Kendall Park and local roofing companies. We know you will find our quality, service and price very hard to beat.

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Metal Roofing for Residential or Commercial Properties in Kendall Park and across the surrounding areas.

Metal roofing is so common in the commercial roofing market because of metal’s outstanding durability, design flexibility and low maintenance costs.

More and more commercial, industrial, and even residential building owners are selecting metal roofing for all, or a significant portion of a roofing assembly. You can find metal roofing installed on warehouses, schools, banks, restaurants, distribution centers and many more residential and commercial structures throughout the region.

Metal roofing panels are a great low-maintenance solution that provide commercial grade performance while also enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a building. Many commercial building owners find the simple installation, easy customization and low maintenance very appealing when deciding on what roofing material to use for their project.

Proven rubber roofing solutions for your commercial flat roof.

Rubber roofing is light-weight, cost-effective and dependable. This is why rubber flat roofing is favored for many industrial and commercial installations, by owners looking to protect their investment.

Rubber roofing materials are strong, adaptable and can weather extremely cold climates and sub-zero temperatures. In addition to this, rubber roofing products are UV and ozone resistant.

We can provide a wide range of rubber roofing solutions to our residential and commercial roofing clients.

Some of the rubber roofing services we offer are:
• EPDM Rubber Roofing
• TPO Rubber Roofing
• New Rubber Roof Installations
• Rubber Roof Replacement
• Rubber Roofing Shingles
• Rubber Roofing Membranes

We have the perfect siding for your property in Kendall Park, or neighboring communities.

Know that old saying how you should never “judge a book by it’s cover?” Well, when it comes to your home, value (curb appeal) is still largely determined by the cover.

Nobody dreams of an ugly house. Having damaged or old, faded siding takes away from the true character your home deserves. Plus, when damaged it causes insulation problems, meaning your heating bill goes way up in the winter.

Your home should have a beautiful face, with an appealing aesthetic that matches your taste. The exterior of your house should also be tougher than the elements, not easily get damaged, needing new repair.

That’s why we invest our time and energy on the aesthetics of your house, and match the right siding for the right environment – get the personalized attention and designer quality work you deserve with Peter’s Roofing.

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Hail Damage Consultation for your Commercial or Residential Roof

Hail damage can be easily overlooked. There is usually no visible signs of storm damage to your roof when hail hits. This is why it is better to get a consultation sooner than later after the storm damage. A damaged roof caused by hail will severely affect the lifespan of your roof so when you call after the hail storm, Peter’s Roofing will be there to provide quality services to you at no cost to you! We work with your insurance company to help get your costs covered.

If you have had hail recently in your area, call the experts at Peter’s Roofing and we can help get your roof with hail damage repaired. Hail damage is never anyone’s fault, and your insurance should cover the costs for a new roof. We will provide storm damage consultations and assistance to get your roof repaired for free.

High Performance: Designed with advanced protection shingle technology which reduces the use of natural resources while providing excellent protection for your home.

Stays In Place: Dura Grip Adhesive seals each shingle tightly and reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. Shingles warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph (209 km/h).

The Importance of Hiring a Fully Licensed Roofing Contractor
Plenty of residential and commercial roofing contractors claim to offer the best roofing services, carry only the best roofing materials and have the most skilled roofers in the area — but can they prove it? If you hire a “roofer” without a license, you might be hiring a handyman with limited roofing experience, or even someone posing as a roofer — and that can leave you at risk for unethical practices and poor craftsmanship. They might be cheaper than a licensed roofer at first, but there’s nothing cheap about water damage and roof leaks that could’ve been avoided by hiring the professionals.

At Peter’s Roofing, our work is backed by fully licensed roofers, 11 years of experience, and a 25 years labor warranty — so you can rest assured that your roofing job is done right the first time. That’s roofing service you can trust!

Looking to finance your new roof or siding?
No problem!

We’re able to provide flexible financing plans that meet any budget and you’re 100% guaranteed to be approved for the funding you need to get the home you deserve. Because we’ve built relationships with multiple financing vendors over the years in order to help our clients get their home projects started, we’re able to get you the perfect deal that works for you.

Yes! We Install New Seamless Gutters Too!
Match the perfect accessory to your new roof with a pair of new gutters from Xtreme Gutter Guards – they come with a 11 Year warranty and their patented design keeps your gutters clear from all the debris and fall leaves from those beautiful trees.

25 Year Labor Warranty
Covering Labor & Materials
Your investment will be covered with full protection
We warranty all the products and materials we use on a property for 10 years with our own in-house warranty. We guarantee that all products will be installed to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Should a failure occur due to defects in workmanship that may cause roof leakage or loss of shingles, Peter’s Roofing will repair such problems by supplying labor and materials.

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Our Step-By-Step Process

1. Free Estimate
Usually, the first step is for one of our roofing experts to visit your property to do a thorough inspection of the work site. They can advise you on what’s best for your requirements and you will receive your free, no obligation estimate.

2. Agreement Signing & Deposit
You’ll receive protection guaranteed work agreement, which officially starts your project. Initial deposit of 50% is due at this time to order materials.

3. Work Begins & Prep Work
The day of your new renovation has begun! Our team will show up on time to begin prep work: including protective tarping and moving of anything that is at risk of damage, eliminating any risk of property damage for you.

4. Old Roofing or Siding Removed
After your home assets have been protected, the removal process of your old roofing or siding begins. If you decide to stay home during construction, we recommend that you stay inside your home during this time.

5. Roofing or Siding Installation
With removal completed, your new roof or siding is installed. The average roof installation takes about a day and the average siding project takes 4-5 days to complete.

6. Clean Up & Due Diligence
After your project is finished, the crew thoroughly cleans the work area, running through the lawn with a magnet roller to make sure you never have to worry about a stray nail.

7. Inspection & Walk-Through
At project completion, the final inspection is conducted and a voluntary walk-through of the work is carried out to ensure everything is completed to your satisfaction. We will be in touch about final payment when we know you are happy with our work.

8. Congratulations! Your Warranty Arrival
Your in-house full coverage warranty covers both labor and all materials used. It is issued after job completion.

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