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Kenilworth Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney Leak Repair Cost. chimney caps and chimney liners can set you back hundreds of dollars if they need to be replaced. Chimney caps and chimney liners are installing to keep smoke from getting into your house in the event of a chimney fire. Both cost money to purchase and do not always guarantee your chimney will be completely safe.

Chimney Flush. Most chimney fires begin below the surface, so chimney flashing is important to prevent moist vapors from getting into your home. Flushing your chimney at least once a year with a professional chimney sweep is the best way to ensure your chimney is clear of debris and your fireplace is working perfectly. If your chimney is blocked by debris, it can cause your fireplace to run aground and even spread a dangerous fire to your home.

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Chimney Leak Repair. The first step for chimney leak repair is to stop the water flow. To do this, first look for any standing water in your chimney. This may mean that you need to turn off your main water supply. Then, use a wet/dry shop vac to suck up any water that may have gotten into your chimney. If your home uses an outdoor chimney, this step should not be difficult as you might just need to shingle the surface to stop water flow.

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Chimney Repair. Once you have found out whether water is behind your chimney or not, you can move on to the actual chimney leak repair. Repairing the liner is going to be easier than fixing a damaged flue. The chimney liners are actually made of materials that resist corrosion and are extremely durable. Liners come in a variety of styles and can be purchased according to your fireplace’s style and design.

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There are a number of different options available when it comes to masonry chimney repair. If you are confident enough to undertake the task yourself, you will want to protect your home with steel liners. A chimney liner is typically made out of polystyrene and it is imperative that it is securely fastened to the inside of the chimney. The metallic liner is also fireproof. These liners are available in different sizes to accommodate your fireplace and chimney.

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Flashing is an option you might consider if you are confident enough to repair the chimney on your own. Flashing is not required with wet chimney construction, but it does add a degree of security to your home. Chimney sweepers are a great investment to add to your chimney maintenance schedule. A chimney sweep is designed to alleviate the buildup of lint, creosote, smoke, and condensation on your chimney. Sweepers will attach to chimney screens to clear away any debris so you can have an uninterrupted sleep at night.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Kenilworth, New Jersey

Mortar is another chimney maintenance task that you can do yourself. It is not recommended for those who are not familiar with working with cement, but there are some special mortar systems that are available for those who are more adventurous. In addition to repairing damage caused by mortar, you can also replace cracked bricks. Bricks may become brittle over time from the heat, rain, and snow so you can protect your chimney from further cracking damage by using this system.

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When it is time to repair your chimney, be sure to follow all the necessary safety procedures. If you do not, you risk having your chimney damaged even more. If you are unsure how to fix your chimney, consult with a chimney contractor in your area. They will be able to give you a free estimate and show you how to fix your chimney so you can sleep soundly at night.