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Peter’s Roofing is one of the largest, most experienced and most trusted roofing contractors in the Lincoln Park, New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We can handle all of your roof inspection, repair and roof replacement needs. Our team serves both residential and commercial clients, commonly working with virtually every type of roofing material.

Rather than settling for a general contractor or jack-of-all-trades, make sure your roof is done right – by the area’s leading roofing specialist. Contact Peter’s Roofing today for a free estimate.

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Roof Inspection Services
Got a leaky roof? Notice some flashings or shingles out of place, or you are concerned about other possible damage to your roof? If so, you can trust the certified roof inspectors at Peter’s Roofing to provide a relabel and comprehensive diagnostic report about the condition of your roof, and recommend any routine maintenance or repairs that may need to be completed as soon as possible.

A reliable roof inspector will provide a detailed report of the problems found so you will know exactly what’s wrong with it and how much it will cost to fix it. At Peter’s Roofing, we take pride in our inspection system which ensures your roof gets a thorough examination.

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Roofing Maintenance
Since most people’s house represents such a sizable investment and because your roof plays such an important role in protecting your family and your house, you need a professional roofing contractor for your big or small roofing needs. Because the average roofing company goes out of business within five years, you do not want to leave your choice of contractors to chance. You will need to hire a company that has been around and will continue to be around to maintain any warranties provided. That’s us! In today’s competitive business world, we know you can get your roof maintained from any number of roofing contractors. But we take comfort in the fact that you can only get Peter’s Roofing quality service from one place.

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Roof Repair
If a building has a roof on it, we can generally repair it. Many roofing companies will only offer an option for a new roof. Many times a roof can be repaired rather than replaced. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation or choice of materials or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home or building.

Our experienced and trained estimators will responsibly assess your roof condition and offer an appropriate solution to your problems.

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Roof Replacement
Your roof is beyond a doubt the most important part of protecting your home from the elements. A leaking roof can easily produce hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage if it is not dealt with quickly. If your roof is not properly equipped to deal with all that Mother Nature can dish out, you are risking serious damage to your home and belongings.

While leaks are a common trait that can be caused by a number of roof problems, they are not the only sign of a damaged roof. If you notice that your heating and cooling bills are climbing higher, that may be a sign of a damaged roof. The roof keeps warm air in the winter and keeps it out in the summer, so damage to the roof might cause such fluctuations. If you are seeing any of these signs, it might be a time for roof replacement.

A good roof should take you for at least a decade, if not two. Unfortunately, many contractors are not as careful as they should be, and in some cases, roofs installed by inexperienced or low-end contractors can fail in as little as 5 years. If you have to get your roof replaced, either because it has reached the end of its life or because of poor installation, you should make sure to choose the right roofing contractor. You can count on the expert roofers from Peter’s Roofing to change your leaky or otherwise damaged roof with a high quality, long lasting roof.

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One of the advantages of roof replacement is that you can change the material composition of your roof. If you bought your current home, you probably did not have a say in how the roof was built in the first place. There are pros and cons to each kind of roof type, as well as different looks for each type. If you are interested in trying a metal roof or clay roof, or even installing a skylight, for example, a roof replacement is a good time to make the change.

Roof replacement is not a small investment, but it is often a necessary one to protect your home from the ravages of wind and rain damage. Keep in mind that a roof is a long-term investment. With proper care and maintenance, your new roof can last a good for about 20-30 years or possibly even longer.

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