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Peter’s Roofing is one of the best roofing companies in Livingston, New Jersey. We have been on roofs providing installation and roof repairs and are well known for our professionalism, solid workmanship, and quality roof repair in Livingston New Jersey. We also provide roofing installation throughout Livingston in New Jersey. We provide residential roofing services, as well as commercial roofing services, along with low cost roof repair.

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We have been providing Top Notch roof installations for over 11 years. You have definitely come to the right place, when choosing Peter’s Roofing. Whether you need a full roof replacement, or a simple roof repair, we can meet all your needs and wants. There are plenty of other roofing companies you can choose from, but our roofing staff has committed roofers that go above and beyond, to provide that extra special home town touch. When we complete a roof installation, or a roofing repair job, you know you know your roof is weather tight, and will not have any roof leaks. We guarantee our roof leak repair, so you don’t have to worry about any future roof leak repair cost. No more leaking roof for you!

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We take pride in providing the best roofing services in Livingston New Jersey. In fact, many of our clients speak so highly of our roofing company, because we keep it simple and many times we save them money. You see, you do not always need a brand new roof. You may just need some a little roofing love. Our roof service company in Livingston New Jersey includes roof damage repair. If you have roof damages from trees, we can help with our roof repair specials. Knowing we are the best roof repair company in Livingston, New Jersey, means we can get the job done right on your roof.

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Some roofing companies will tell you that a new roof is your best option, because that is an easier to do a complete roof installation. The truth is there are many factors when determining the best course of action. Livingston roofers offer you the best choice for your home and your budget. You see, you may only need adjustments on your metal roofing.

Our Free Consultation, may show that we merely need to replace some roof shingles or roof tiles, and you are back in business. I can’t tell you how many times, we have merely replaced cedar shingles or a roof tile, to fix a leak repair. The cost of a few roof tiles is not too expensive, and roofing shingles or even less. Many times it is simply fixing the roof flashing or a roof vent. We make the best suggestions for you, our customer.

Why would you want to get a new roof, if you don’t need one? Well you wouldn’t, so get your free roof inspection right now:

Let’s face it, without customers, what do you have?

Don’t forget to ask about energy efficiency. Additional roof insulation could save you a bundle this Summer!

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Best Roof Inspection in Livingston, New Jersey

Residential Roofing
Are you looking for a new house roof installation cost, or our best roof repair cost. Our roof installation prices are the best in Livingston New Jersey. We will send a highly trained roofer to your location to provide you with an affordable roofing solution. Remember, no job is too small. We can fix your patio roof, whether it is rolled roofing, or you simply need roof waterproofing, or a new roofing membrane. When we talk, please ask about our roof installation warranty.

Commercial Roofing
Do you need Metal Roofing or Torch Down Roofing? We provide quality roofing and metal roof installation for all your metal roof needs. We don’t just stop at steel roofing. We also provide epdm roofing, which is phenomenal for heat and weather resistance. Our best roofers can help you with your flat roof insulation, as well.

New Roof Construction
Being a roofing contractor all these years has left us to be considered a top roofing company, for all types of roof styles. We have been on a ton of roofs. Please realize that new construction is one of our biggest attributes, when roofing in Livingston New Jersey. Peter’s Roofing provides the best roof installation prices.

Roof Gutter Repair
We provide precise roof gutter repairs. Gutters and downspouts can need maintenance repair, along with roof vents and flashing. This is true whether you have asphalt shingles, roofing tiles, and sometimes your tiles can shift on a tile roof. We can also provide roof shingle repair.

Storm Damaged Roofs
How about an awesome quote for your roof placement cost? It is best to deal with local roofers, so you are dealing with a top notch local roofing company. This is a normal roof repair we provide to those living in Livingston, New Jersey. Same town, low price, great warranty.

Let’s not leave out siding. Our roofers typically find roof siding damages, during their inspection. This is definitely necessary element to the beauty of your home. We can discuss your siding repair needs.

Roof Inspection
Our roofing contractor in Livingston, New Jersey can provide you with a free inspection to determine if you need our roof installation services, or merely need a roof repair estimate. Please make sure you inquire about our Free Roofing inspection and Consultation. So many times, most people think that they need an entire new roof. The reality is, you may only need roof repair job. This is what many really enjoy about Peter’s Roofing. We are all about serving the customer the best possible way!

Roof Repairs​
There are so many times that many folks think they need a brand new roof. This typically keeps them from actually taking the steps necessary to resolve the problem. Reality is with Peter’s Roofing, we provide a free consultation. This is where we will determine whether or not you do need a new roof, or you simply need some minor roofing repairs to take you into the next year.

We also provide complete roof restoration, should you need a full roof construction.

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Roof Leaks
Roof leaks are definitely a nuisance, but they are also a health hazard. So many times homeowners will not realize that their roof is leaking, internally in the attic. This can create mold and other unhealthy side effects, due to your roof leak. This can be as simple as your concrete roof tiles have shifted. Some cases we have found that your roof deck structure has been compromised. We have seen so many circumstances throughout all of our roofing jobs, that we will have the answer and we are experienced in all types of roofing materials. We also stay presently educated on the latest roofing products. Use our free consultation to get to the bottom of it.

Roof Replacement
I know what your are thinking, “I need a new roof on my house”! If it turns out that you do need an entire roof replacement, you’ve come to the right place. You will want to do business with local roof contractors near you. We pride ourselves on our ability to price a roof job that meets and exceeds our customers expectations. Whether you need roll roofing, clay roof tiles, or metal shingles, we are at your service. If you still have wood shingles, we will need a Free Consultation to discuss whether we can help you. What is the cost to replace roof? We can provide you a roof estimate to fit your budget.

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Insurance Claims
As you have seen, roof insurance claims can be quite tricky. Much of it depends on how your policy is written and what roof insurance coverage you have. There are some ins and outs to understand, but more times than not you’re stuck with dealing with the situation with your own money. This is where it becomes important that you have a reputable company like Peter’s Roofing, so that you do not get taken advantage of.

We will do our best to help you in any way we can.