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Morris Plains Roof Repair

Are you searching for a good roofer who works around the Morris Plains area . . . . A roofer who is prepared to do just a small minor repair on your rooftop or guttering.

Peter’s Roofing is a roofing company with over 11 years experience fixing and repairing leaking roofs on properties all over the Morris Plains.

You can phone him on (470) 228-0766

Peter’s Roofing: Roof Repair in Morris Plains

Peter’s Roofing has over 11 years experience in repairing rooftops. They works daily in most areas of Morris Plains and offers free estimates.

Peter’s Roofing is a registered trading name of Peter’s Roofing Roofing Services

Peter’s Roofing is a roofer who has over 11 years experience fixing rooftops and works around Morris Plains repairing roofs.

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At Peter’s Roofing, we provide one of a kind convenience by working with our customers every step of the way. From filing the claim to ultimately installing the roof, Peter’s Roofing has seen it all. We facilitate our clients saving the most money possible when it comes to working with their insurance companies.

Small roofing and gutter cleaning jobs are what we cater for!

Best Insurance Covered Roof Repair in Morris Plains, New Jersey

-Slate repairs
-Tiles replaced
-Ridge tiles pointed
-Gutter cleaned
-Gutters repaired
-Water pipes

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Morris Plains Roof Repair Near Me

Peter’s Roofing
We feel we offer a good roofing service in Morris Plains and its surrounding areas. Our aim is to carry out the smaller types of roof or gutter repair most other roofers who work in Morris Plains can’t be bothered with.

If a job’s worth doing.
Do it well.. or not at all.

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Guaranteed repair work
Most of our work we guarantee. We also give free estimates.

Slate repairs – Gutter cleaning – Flat Roofing – Ridge tiles – Roof Maintenance