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Peter’s Roofing: Roof Repair in Mount Freedom

Leak Detection Services
Leaks can be elusive, destructive, and expensive. Let us locate your hidden water leaks. We can detect and resolve any leak issues in your home or office.

Because it’s more than just a house…
We New Jerseyns have all seen the rush of “roofers” in town when the storms hit. Peter’s Roofing is a big leap up in quality and affordability, making this local-owned, New Jersey-loyal team your best choice when your home needs a new roof. Horror stories roll in from the community about the nightmares of working with less than credible roofing organizations.

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As your neighbors, we have you covered, literally, and our years of expertise with residential construction projects will have you resting easy.


Giving stability to your developing office or business property.
Peter’s Roofing team are certified installers for several roof coating systems. Have a flat roof with water issues? Rest assured, we’ve got solutions for you and they’re cost-effective, too. Our systems offer great warranties and many times are significantly less expensive than a complete new roof.

Best Insurance Covered Roof Repair in Mount Freedom, New Jersey

Another bonus, there’s often a big tax deduction for your business. Consult with the Peter’s Roofing team to find out what the best options for your commercial roof are. We’re confident we can handle all your commercial roofing needs.


Sometimes it’s about more than just staying dry.

Cool Roof Coatings
We truly stand behind our expertise and product with a warranty to protect your roof against heat and weather for decades to come.

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Peter’s Roofing’s Cool Roof Coatings not only provide the best UV protection on the market – with its high gloss finish to decrease surface temperatures up to 100 F – but also guarantees an unmatched solution for weathering and leakage.

Not only does Cool Roof Coatings come with a Class A Fire Rating, the unique chemistry of 100% silicone allows Cool Roof Coatings to be seamlessly smooth barrier on virtually any existing roof, resistant to mold and mildew that withstands permanent ponding water.

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Surface Power
Cool Roof Coatings is an ideal choice for flat and sloped roofs of any shape or size and adheres to most surfaces including aged asphalt, sprayed polyurethane foam and metal to name a few.

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