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For over two decades, Peter’s Roofing has been providing roofing solutions to both residential and commercial consumers throughout the New Vernon, New Jersey area. We are a local-owned and operated Top Rated Roofing Company serving New Vernon and the surrounding areas. Our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff are committed to Excellence. We pride ourselves in providing an environment where we listen to your needs and provide honest solutions for both your long and short term goals. We carry a wide range of services from roof repairs, maintenance, restoration and full replacements.

Only 2% of roofers qualify for that status. Find out why it’s important.

Peter’s Roofing: New Roof Installation in New Vernon

Every roof we install comes with a transferrable warranty.

As a homeowner or business owner, you deserve to have an attractive, well-protected property. But without a solid roofing system, you won’t be able to ensure the safety or security of your family, your employees, or your possessions.

Whether you need some basic repairs or require a whole new installation, you’ll need help from a local roofing company with the experience necessary to provide long-lasting results. But how do you know if you need to contact a roofing company New Vernon residents trust?

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Do I Need to Find a Roofing Company Near Me?
Believe it or not, the need to hire a roofing company New Vernon New Jersey residents trust may not always be obvious. If you’ve experienced a hurricane or other natural disaster, you’ll probably know you’ll need expert help immediately. But there are more subtle scenarios that might require attention from professional New Vernon roofers. For instance, you should explore top-rated roofing companies in New Vernon New Jersey if:

-Your roof shingles are cracked, curling, wet, or missing
-You’ve noticed leaks or water stains on walls
-Your home’s energy bills are (literally) through the roof
-Your attic shows signs of water damage or other wear
-You see signs of algae or moss growth
-Your roof is 12 years old and is showing its age
-Your neighbors have replaced their roofs already
-You plan on selling your home in the near future

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No matter your reasons for needing roof repairs or a brand new roof, we’re here to ensure you receive the help you need at a price you can afford. As a local owned and operated business, Peter’s Roofing understands that you can’t compromise on property protection — nor should you have to. We’ve made it our goal to provide the roofing solutions New Jersey residents deserve. From traditional asphalt shingle repairs and modern metal roofing installation to storm preparation, we’re here to provide all of the services you need to keep your roof — and your home — in tip-top condition.

Selecting A Roofing Contractor
As part of our company’s core values, we believe a well informed customer makes optimal choices that will be beneficial for many years to come. Our hope is that this website serves to educate and inform existing and/or potential customers. Your home is one of your most valuable assets and we want to be a part of adding value to your home by providing you with excellent customer service, outstanding craftsmanship and greater value. We set extremely high standards to ensure every project is completed to perfection.

Here at Peter’s Roofing you can expect exceptional results.

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You Have Enough To Manage Let Us Manage Your Roofing Project:

-Professional friendly staff
-24 hr Response
-Personal project consultant
-Job timelines with frequent updates
-Inspection notifications
-Post Job Clean Ups
-Peace of Mind

Your roof makes up 5% of the construction cost of your home, however it protect 95% of your investment.

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