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Peter’s Roofing Specialists helps homeowners and businesses in New Jersey with our professional gutter cleaning, repair and installation services. Learn more about our gutter guard installation.

We offer fair prices, professional service and guaranteed satisfaction to residential and commercial customers. It’s our goal to be the best gutter cleaning company in the city of Newton. We aim to do that with exceptional customer service each and every appointment!

Please continue reading for information on our service and the importance of gutter cleaning for your home or business:

We install gutters in our homes to help direct rainwater far from our homes and their foundations. However, homeowners forget that the gutters need to be taken care of to continue performing their role.

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If you don’t clean your gutters and they become clogged or broken, the rainwater overflows from the roof to your home and your home can be exposed to water damage. Here are the benefits of cleaning your gutters.


When your gutter is clean and functional, water will flow through it and into the designated channels. If your gutter is dirty then rainwater will not be able to flow smoothly through it.

The water will collect in the gutter and the bottom part of the roof. When the roof shingles are exposed to a lot of water, they will get damaged.

The roof will also crack and this will make the ceiling to leak in the different parts of the house. If it gets to this point then the solution will be to repair the ceilings or floors. All these can happen simply from not cleaning your gutters.

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We keep various items such as carpets and furniture in our basements and if it gets flooded then these items can be damaged. This can happen if you have a dirty gutter which prevents water from flowing into the correct channels.

Since the rainwater will not be able to flow through the clogged gutter, it will find its way through various places such as the sides of the roof.

The water will flow to the foundation of the home and then get into your basement. Besides that, the damp environment in the basement will favor the growth of mold and mildew.

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When water keeps flowing or polling in the foundation of a building, that building becomes unsafe because the foundation becomes weak. Repairing the foundation costs a lot of money which you can save by cleaning your gutters.

Homes have to go through an official inspection and if your foundation is damaged then that house won’t be approved for sale. Therefore, it’s also vital to protect your foundation if you plan on selling the house later on.


Pests can be a nuisance that we would like to avoid. You can do so by cleaning your gutters. When water is not flowing through the gutter, the gutter becomes a conducive atmosphere for insects and rodents to breed.

Therefore, you’ll have pests in the water collected in your gutters and they can invade your home too.


When your gutters are dirty, the outside appearance of your home will also be dirty. When gutters are not cleaned, they accumulate leaves, twigs, sand and all sorts of debris. Some of these materials can fall on to the ground on the exterior of your home.

The water will also wash away the paint from the roof and destroy the shingles. Regularly cleaning your home will increase its curb appeal and make it more valuable.


If you take good care of something, it will serve you for a longer duration. The same applies to your gutters. The material that accumulates on a dirty gutter tends to corrode the aluminum material. Therefore, this won’t happen if you regularly clean the gutters.

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Now that you have learned the importance of having clean gutters, you need to decide how to achieve that.

You can clean the gutters yourself especially if your home is a single-story because once you get on the ladder you will reach all the gutters you have. This also works if your roof is not covered by many trees.

If your home is two-story then you shouldn’t even think of cleaning the gutters yourself. You are better off hiring a professional gutter cleaning company.

This is because your house has a higher height and you could get injuries while up there cleaning the gutters in addition to the fact that you can also damage your home during the cleaning process.

You may have to pay a significant amount of cash to repair anything you may have damaged while gutter cleaning or to foot medical bills if you had been injured. What we charge for gutter cleaning is way less than these expenses.

Another way of going around it is by installing gutter guards so you won’t have to deal with constant cleaning and exposing yourself to injuries.


Why is it Important to Clean Your Gutters?
Rain gutters, those easily-forgotten trenches that hang off the edge of your roof, protect your roof, walls and foundation from excess rainwater. When they get clogged with leaves, sticks and other wind-blown debris, they can no longer direct water away from your walls and foundation, and may become homes for pests and insects. They also become heavy enough to pull away from the house, preventing proper rainwater drainage and spoiling the appearance of your home.

Experts recommend inspecting and cleaning your gutters twice a year, once in spring and once in fall, as part of your regular landscaping schedule. Gutter cleaning and maintenance is a fairly easy DIY job for some homeowners, especially on one-story homes. However, professional gutter cleaners have ladders tall enough to safely reach rain gutters, as well as the necessary tools to clean out the downspouts. Most gutter cleaning professionals can also make any necessary quick repairs.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters?
Gutter cleaning and maintenance is an important part of keeping up a home. Not only are clogged gutters unsightly, they can also lead to water damage in the house’s walls and roof. The best way to prevent that is to clean your gutters at least twice a year — experts recommend making it part of your spring cleaning and fall landscaping schedules. In the fall, trees lose their leaves and, in the spring, release seedpods and flower petals, all of which tend to end up in rain gutters. It’s a good idea to also have a professional gutter cleaner clear out your downspouts, too; clogged downspouts can make gutters backup and overflow.

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How Much Does it Cost to Have Gutters Cleaned?
Professional gutter cleaning and maintenance should be done once or twice a year to remove debris and check for damage to the roof and gutter. A number of factors affect the costs, including the combined length of the gutters, the size of the house, the location of the gutters, and any risks posed to the professional cleaner. Some companies based their cost estimates on the linear square footage of the gutters. The cost goes up for second- and third-story gutters and those in hard-to-reach places, like a roof with an unusually steep pitch.


“I received wonderful service from Peter’s Roofing! The owner himself with the crew came to my home to clean our gutters and to replace a damaged downspout on the side of the house. They arrived on-time and were friendly and professional.” – Karen T.

“The entire experience was excellent. The cleaning crew was very nice and even called ahead of time to say they could arrive early for my appointment. The service was only one hour and after all of our gutters were clean and ready for the fall season!” – Beth S.

“I always have great customer service from Peter’s Roofing. They’re friendly on the phone and in-person and really know their stuff when it comes to gutters. We hire them two times every year for gutter cleaning and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!” – Theresa P.

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