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Peter’s Roofing: New Roof Installation in Passaic County

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Peter’s Roofing is a Passaic County New Jersey Roofing Contractor that provides solutions for all of your unique residential roofing and commercial roofing needs.

We provide tile, shingle, metal, sheet metal, roof repair and replacement throughout Passaic County, New Jersey and its surrounding areas.

We specialize in commercial roof repair and replacement as well as new commercial roof installations. We can help you with your roof insurance claims and we do the job right the first time!

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Our Roofing Services

Peter’s Roofing provides excellent workmanship and roofing services. We add beauty to your home with trouble-free service, which includes:

Residential Roofing
We provides an outstanding variety of high quality shingle roofing products and are Passaic County licensed and insured for residential shingle roofs.

Commercial Roofing
We are a state certified and factory certified preferred commercial roofing contractor with over 11 years of commercial roofing experience in Passaic County and its surrounding areas.

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Insurance Claims
We work with many different insurance companies for new roofs as well as roofing repair jobs. We care for all the needed paperwork so that you don’t have to!

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Frequently Asked Questions
These are the most common questions we get asked about our roofing services. Hopefully they will answer your questions too. If not please contact us and we will personally answer your question.

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How Much Does An Average Roof Cost?
There is no straight answer to this question. It depends on the type of roof (shingle, tile/metal/flat).

Metal roofs are the most expensive, but you get the bang for your buck- they last up to 11 years, and are the most hurricane resistant. Tile roofs are the next most expensive, and fare greater with foam adhesive than nailed-on or screwed-on tile. Followed by shingle & flat roofs which are the least expensive.

What Type Of Roofs Last The Longest?
Metal roofs, by far. They are a 50 year roof and are the most hurricane resistant.

How Can I Protect Myself When hiring A Roofing Contractor?
Do your research. Don’t hire out-of-state roofers who are here because there was a bad storm/hurricane and they came to make a quick buck.

Hire local, make sure the contractor is licensed & insured, ask neighbors, check different neighborhood apps to see who is saying what about your local contractors, check reviews. If all else fails, you can always call your local building department and ask them who they recommend.

The building department/inspectors will know who the reputable roofers are.

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What Is The Exact Process To Hire A Roofing Contractor?
You want to get several quotes when shopping for a new roof. Then you should compare apples to apples. What is included in the quotes? Does the description of work look vague on one proposal, & specific on another? What materials are they using, and did they provide the manufacturer’s product data sheets so you can see exactly what you’re buying? Is one contractor way high and one way low?

The market is the same for all contractors, so the prices should be fairly the same. If you have several that are the same and one is way lower, throw that one out, something is wrong, they’re cutting corners in one way or another. Never a good idea to go with the lowest price, like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

Once you have eliminated the quotes that seem off, default on good ole instincts. Go with who you feel comfortable with, trust the second brain, your gut.

Residential Roofing Services
We provide residential and commercial roofing services in your Passaic County, New Jersey and its surrounding areas. Don’t worry contact us and we will accommodate you.

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