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Plainfield Chimney Leak Repair

One of the questions you may be considering when you need chimney repairs is “How long will it take before I can start my chimney work?” This is an important question because chimney repairs often become a huge hassle for homeowners. Many chimney owners do not know how long a chimney should last or the best way to keep theirs working for years. Unfortunately, chimney fires are not uncommon, which means chimney owners need to be very aware of the safety concerns involved with chimney repairs.

How long a chimney should last depends largely on the materials used in its construction and how well it was installed. Cracks are not uncommon in chimney mortar. If the repairs are minor, they will not affect your chimney’s ability to conduct exhaust. Over time, you should expect that repairs to the mortar around your chimney will eventually need to be replaced. Additionally, cracks and small holes in the chimney mortar can allow seepage through the roofline into the house, reducing insulation quality and increasing your heating and cooling costs.

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In addition, repairing chimney flashing is another costly option that should be considered after all other repairs have been made. Flashing is not the most glamorous of repairs, but it’s important to the roof’s overall durability. Chimney flashing is composed of two steps: step flashing and shingles. Although chimney flashing is extremely fragile, there are several methods to make it stronger. The first step is to replace the damaged sections with new ones and then re-mortar the area to complete the job.

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Sealing cracks in the chimney is also an important step and will need to be addressed as soon as possible. For a small crack or dent in your chimney, waterproofing is often sufficient. However, for larger dents and cracks, the water seal will need to be replaced entirely. Also, if you have a metal chimney, you may need to apply sealant to the chimney flue as well. By applying additional sealant, you’ll keep your chimney from freezing further and protect it against further damage.

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Small cracks in your chimney can be filled in with mortar. This process is often referred to as brick lining. For large cracks in your chimney, however, you’ll likely need to hire a chimney contractor to complete the job. Because bricks are so brittle, it is important that they are sealed in place with a brick sealer before mortar is applied. This sealer will also keep water from seeping through and will make repairs more efficient in the long run.

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The best time to perform chimney repairs is as soon as you can, but there are some circumstances where it’s better to wait. In cases where the damage caused by a chimney fire or other chimney collapse is severe, it may take several days to repair your chimney. If the damage caused by smoke from cooking is extensive, you may have to rebuild your chimney from scratch. In these cases, chimney sweep services will usually be able to help you on an as-needed basis.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Plainfield, New Jersey

On average, chimney inspections are performed every five years, depending on how long your chimney has been damaged. If you suspect that your chimney needs an inspection, you should call a chimney inspector as soon as possible. In earthquake prone areas, a chimney retrofit is often recommended. By having your chimney repaired instead of replaced, you will significantly reduce your home insurance policy payment.

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Chimney liners and flashings are just one part of chimney maintenance. Flue liners play a vital role by preventing soot, sediment, and heat from entering your house through your chimney; however, they can’t protect you from smoke damage, so you should also have your chimney inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. You can choose from various materials to make up your chimney liner such as iron, stainless steel, copper, ceramic tile or flexible metal; and there are many different brands available, so it’s a good idea to shop around to get the most value for money. Chimney waterproofing systems, chimney liner bags and chimney guards will protect your chimney from rain, snow and ice, ensuring it works at its best and gives you years of trouble-free enjoyment.