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The condition of your flat or low-slope roof is an important factor in the value of your commercial building. An older roof that is leaking or prone to failure can cause disruptions in your operations and decrease the building’s value

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At Peter’s Roofing, we help you keep your roof in good condition. Our team of experienced commercial roofers are skilled at installing, repairing, and restoring commercial roofs. To find out the condition of your roof, contact us today for a free roof inspection and survey.

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Do you know the condition of your commercial roof? Do you know what’s causing leaks? Have you identified areas of concern for your roof? Are you confident in your roof’s remaining lifespan?

Gain an accurate understanding of your building’s roof with a free roof survey from Peter’s Roofing.


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“I have the highest respect for Peter’s Roofing; they have always given me a fair price, excellent service and exceptional roofing installation. I highly recommend this business.”
-Ray Bowersox
Ridgewood, New Jersey

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ABOUT Peter’s Roofing

Peter’s Roofing is an award-winning roofing contractor based in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Peter’s Roofing team have been repairing and restoring commercial roofing throughout Ridgewood and its surrounding areas.

Peter’s Roofing is a master contractor with Duro-Last, a leading manufacturer of commercial roofing systems. Peter’s Roofing received the Duro-Last President Project Award for their work replacing a commercial roof in Ridgewood, New Jersey.