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Roseland Chimney Leak Repair

One of the most common questions chimney owners are asked is about chimney and fireplace repairs. As with most construction projects, there are pros and cons to chimney and fireplace repair that you should be made aware of before starting any project. Repair costs can vary depending on many factors such as type and size of chimney, material used to construct it, and the quality of materials used. Some chimney repairs may need to be done by a chimney contractor while others may be a simple matter for your chimney cleaning company or local chimney inspection service.

Chimney Leak Repair or Chimney Flush? There are actually two ways to address a chimney and fireplace’s leaking: repairing it and replacing it. Repairing a chimney involves fixing the source of the leaky water. This may include digging up the area around the chimney to remove any standing mortar or concrete, as well as extracting the water itself using a high-pressure water jetting system, or using a water jetting system that doesn’t require excavating. Once the water has been extracted, the area must be left to dry so the chimney can be reinstalled.

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If you’re not comfortable with doing a chimney leak repair on your own, you should consider getting a chimney contractor to do it for you. There are several different contractors out there, so you should shop around and find one with years of experience doing chimney repairs in your area. When hiring a contractor, ask them about the price and how long it will take them to complete the job. Ask if they use a specific flushing method, and inquire about any other safety measures they take to ensure your home is as safe as possible. If you have a gas fireplace or wood fireplace, you should also inquire about chimney gasses.

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Full Service Chimney Repairs vs. Short Service Chimney Repairs You probably don’t want to invest money into a full service chimney repairs if you aren’t having a major problem with your chimney. These repairs include everything from replacing liners to waterproofing the chimney, to cleaning it. For many homeowners, having a professional contractor to perform chimney repairs is more cost-effective than having a chimney cleaning company complete a full service chimney leak repair. Even if you are only having small problems with your chimney, hiring a chimney cleaning company is still a good idea. These companies will remove the sediments, soot, and other harmful debris safely and efficiently. They can also evaluate the integrity of your chimney, repairing small cracks and reinforcing weak points where damage has occurred.

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Short Service Chimney Leak repairs include everything from simply cleaning out the chimney to applying a chimney guard to prevent future water damage. Many homeowners assume that chimney leaks will never occur in their homes, but the truth is that some long, undetected water infiltrations can be very dangerous. Long term exposure to wet and possibly damp air is unhealthy and can increase the risk of house fires significantly. In fact, chimney leaks are the number one cause of real fires each and every year, despite how uncommon they are in residential homes.

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Full Service Chimney Repair If you have a serious problem and are concerned about possible damage, you should definitely call a professional chimney cleaning company for a full service repair job. The professionals will use equipment to visually inspect your chimney crowns and flue, along with a chemical tank to test for the level of carbon monoxide and other contaminants present. They will also replace the chimney cap, as well as clean out the interior of the chimney.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Roseland, New Jersey

No Cleanup chimney repairs involve the use of a special chimney liner. Instead, they simply repair the existing chimney liner, if it’s necessary. If you own gas appliances or other gas appliances which release smoke from their flues, you should also contact a chimney cleaning company immediately to address this issue. Old chimney liners are flammable and pose risks to your family and home.

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Ash Dump and Firebox Repair chimney caps and ash dumping can prevent your chimney from becoming a health hazard, but only if the chimney cap and ash dump are regularly inspected. Inspecting chimney caps and ash dumps monthly is the best way to protect your chimney and property. A professional chimney sweeping company can easily inspect both your chimney cap and ash dump for any signs of damage or erosion and can make sure your chimney is sealed and free of debris. Having chimney caps and ash dump inspectors on call can help you avoid the dangers of chimney fires and chimney explosions by informing you of any issues with your chimney at least once a year.