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Gutter Repair, gutter installation and gutter cleaning went hand in hand when it came to building a gutter system. Old gutters, whether they are wooden, plastic or metal, is an indication that your gutters need some maintenance. Installing a gutter is pretty simple. Installing a gutter and guard is much more complex. Here are some tips for gutter repair and gutter installation.

There are many different types of gutter installation out there. A good way to distinguish the difference is by looking at the location of your existing gutters. If your gutters have experienced severe wear and tear then you may opt to purchase new gutters installed. New gutters installation is much more expensive than standard repair.

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Before undertaking a gutter replacement, it is important to determine what caused the water damage. Gutter repairs can be costly. A major problem can be when the leaf and debris have clogged the downspouts and forced the water down through the channels. This can be exacerbated by high winds. If this is the case then consider purchasing a rain barrel to catch any water damage.

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It is important to remember that gutter repairs will not fix minor problems. If the damage is due to leaves and branches blocking the downspouts then the best solution would be to use a leaf screen. These are available in most home improvement stores. Downspouts also contribute to water issues. If the downspouts are not attached to the house they may pose a danger. Therefore it is important to ensure the downspouts are attached to the house and not attached to the foundation or roofing.

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If you choose to use copper gutters in your home then you will need to call a professional to carry out the repair. Copper gutters have great strength and durability, however they are very heavy. They are also very costly. If you decide to use copper gutter replacement, you will have to pay to have the copper gutters professionally installed.

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If the problem is due to pine needles, leaves or twigs then there are some simple ways to eliminate the problem. If your downspouts are obstructed, it may need to be cleaned. You can either use a commercial product or just clean the downspouts manually with a sponge. When cleaning the downspouts, it is important to remove all of the debris and needles. However if you have a lot of debris such as pine needles, you may need to have the needles ground down using a grinder.

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It is common for water damage to occur on rain gutters because of damage to the fascia board. When this happens, the board becomes damaged and cannot properly function and protect the gutter from falling debris. As a result water can accumulate on the fascia board, which will cause it to become full and hard. As a result you will need to consider gutter repairs.

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If you do not have the money to hire a professional to do the repairs, then there are several companies that offer gutter repairs at an affordable price. They will also offer the installation of seamless gutters at no additional cost. Some of the companies that offer these services include Rainbird Gutter Inc., Gutter Repairs Gourmet, and Gutter Systems Plus. No matter what company you choose to do your gutter repairs, the one thing you will want to be sure of is that they will take care of your gutters and install seamless gutters in a timely manner.