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Peter’s Roofing performs roof inspections and Citizens Roof Certification inspections in all the areas of Rutherford New Jersey.

Roof Condition Certification for obtaining insurance is fast and easy.

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Who needs a Roof Condition Certification? Pretty much everyone who currently has homeowners insurance or is buying commercial or residential property in New Jersey. A primary rule of insurance companies is that if your home has a shingle roof more than 25 years old, OR your home is older than 50 years and your roof has any other type of roof like tile or other material, you must provide proof that your roof has been replaced or that the remaining useful life is at least three or five years remaining. All necessary documentation needed to demonstrates eligibility for coverage is completed by a New Jersey Licensed Contractor. We offer a hand written letter with a company letterhead including our New Jersey State Certified Roofing license number or a Citizens Roof Condition Certification Form and digital photos on a secure server for easy retrieval if copies are needed.

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The main thing that an inspection can discover is unwanted roof leaks. You may have water coming into your attic and you do not even know it. By resolving these leaks early you can be assured that you are giving your roof the longest life expectancy possible. Even small leaks can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time and can lead to trapped moisture in areas of your ceiling. This moisture can breed bacteria and mold that can become a health risk to you and your family.

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Roofing problems that we will look for:
-Curling, loose, missing shingles or tiles
-Tiles or shingles that are missing, loose or worn
-Excessive rust or gaps in metal roof seams
-Granules from shingles collecting in gutters
-Loose or missing flashing, especially around chimneys or vents
-Discoloration of roofing shingles or panels
-Mold growth
-Punctures or tears
-Stains on exterior walls
-Stains on underside of roof decking
-Sagging or uneven roof deck

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Type of Roofs that we will inspect: Single story and multi story roofs.
Common types of roofing materials are:
-Composition shingle
-Wood shake
-Clay or concrete tile
-Metal or steel
-Tar and gravel

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