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Welcome to Peter’s Roofing, Scotch Plains’s premier choice for residential and commercial roofing and construction solutions. Based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, we pride ourselves on delivering fast, friendly, and affordable service with an excellent reputation on thousands of quality roof installations. As a local-owned and operated roofing contractor, we apply this integrity to our home improvements and roofing services. Our top-rated techs provide high quality residential roofing, siding & gutters, screen room installation, and window replacements, backed by our knowledge of quality materials. No Worries!

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We are fully licensed and insured, prepared to take on any roofing, roof repair or screen room installation. So, don’t stall, CALL (470) 228-0766 to discuss your needs and to schedule your FREE estimate!​

Peter’s Roofing work hard to maintain a brand that stands for integrity. Peter’s Roofing prides itself on being the best roofers in New Jersey. Our roots are embedded deeply in the communities and surrounding Scotch Plains, New Jersey areas. As you can see…… our reputation is always on the line. For almost two decades, our craftsmanship has withstood the test of time for thousands of satisfied customers. At Peter’s Roofing, a quality roofing or re-roofing job will have a life span of 25-30 years, but due to improper nailing and bad flashing placement, most home or business owners never get to this point. Our level of selecting, installing, and keeping state-of-the-art roofing materials is second to none. Our knowledge in roofing services and preventative upkeep and our comprehensive challenge management talents have created a stellar popularity we’re very proud to uphold. Our specialized techs and estimators take on an inexhaustible and in depth study of your site, shape, and environment, to give you first-class roofing options to match your structure, not departing from the unique floor plan, cost, substances, and weight of the roof elements. We provide the best Scotch Plains roofing and new roof installation in New Jersey. When you have questions concerning the price of a new roof, or roof restore fees, no problem! Our roofing estimators are spot on, accurate and high-expertise, ready to give you a free consultation of your repairs. We strive to provide affordable roofing and roof repair services, while maintaining a high quality level.

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“We deal with each task like it’s our own personal task.” This has been our motto from the beginning. Being Scotch Plains Roofing Contractor comes with a great deal of roofing expertise, but our highly-trained professionals are always up for the task. We try to install fine roofs and offer the pleasant value in the roofing replacements. We consider this to be the simplest manner to set up long-term, repeat business within our communities. We install products, with exceptional workmanship, at a truthful, competitive rate. We are fully devoted to each customer we serve and we’re eager to fill your roofing needs.

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Replacing your residential roof is a significant investment, which is why you want to choose a reliable team to get the job done. Many roofing problems occurred from improper installation, saving you money at first, but costing you more in the long run. Here at Peter’s Roofing, we are efficient, experienced, and we don’t take shortcuts. Most importantly, we want our clients to have the peace of mind that their new roof will be of high quality and energy efficient.

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Serving as the best Scotch Plains commercial roof repair company and working with multi-facility owners, property managers, building owners and maintenance supervisors of wide variety, proves that Peter’s Roofing is the top roofing contractor in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. We have a step by step technique to each service request we receive to provide the efficient and professional experience for our clients.

We can lay out your new roof projects from the ground up and offer a comprehensive inquiry of your existing structure and custom design plans to fit your budget. We also provide you with the choice you need to make your roof to meet your expectations and handle the job with our personal commitment.

Emergency Roofing Services / Roof Inspections

Notice any brown stains on your ceiling? Are you having to catch water in a bucket as it drips from the ceiling?

You may not want to admit it, but……..You Have a LEAK!

More than likely the integrity of your roof have been compromised and unless you are a licensed, trained roofer, you need a Roof Inspection by a quality roofing company. Peter’s Roofing understands that things happen and your roof will age. Our techs will evaluate your ceiling, attic, and top of roof to pin point the damaged area and help you map out the best plan of action for repair.

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High Quality Materials
We use only the GAF MasterElite certified products. Peter’s Roofing uses materials for shingle roofing, metal roofs, flat roofs and tile roofing projects and is able to assist you in selecting best options for your home or business. These are the most “tried and true” as well as the most innovative available today. Our crews are professionally trained for each system we install to ensure quality and adherence to manufacturer standards. Our goal is to provide an excellent supply and installation service utilizing our experienced and qualified techs. We are one of the few roofers that can scale services for homeowners, institutions, commercial properties, industrial facilities and municipal projects. From a leaky roof to large flat roofing systems, we help prevent water damage and ensure you enjoy the entire useful life of your roof. Peter’s Roofing’s top priority is for our customers to be safe and comfortable.

Gutters & Siding
As the top gutters & siding installation and repair contractor all around Scotch Plains, we have heavily enjoyed putting in and restoring “any kind” of soffit available on the market. We’re professional experts in fascia and soffit installation and repair.

Some early caution signs that your soffits need repair are; leaking gutters, roof ends or sagging wood or rotting and damp patches appearing on your interior walls. We offer vented, and non-vented soffits, aluminum, metal, wood, composite, PVC, plastic, fiber cement board, and custom made cedar. We’ll help you pick the right soffit for your price range, your application, and the beauty of your building. We recognize the winters are harsh and the summers can be hot and humid. That’s why we best use soffit products which can rise to the extremes of any climate circumstance. New soffit also improves attic air flow, assisting nicely regulate internal heating and cooling systems, in the end, lowering power charges. Soffit gives owners with many critical benefits, consisting of an improved structural soundness and lifespan for keeping at bay outside hazards on your beams and roofing such as weather and insects.

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Make The Right Decision
Are you still reading this page? What are you waiting on to make the call?

​Peter’s Roofing has been operating as the top roofing company through the provision of current roof replacement and installation services. Why would you need to replace your roof? Ever heard the saying, “wrong decisions today could cost you double later”. We are here are at Peter’s Roofing challenge you to give us the opportunity to bid on your home projects.

CALL 973-573-6191 today and our trained roofing professionals will guide you through the process so that you make the best decision for your property.

One of the main reasons for a roof replacement is to repair all damages, instead of using a temporary bandage. Inclement weather has for decades damaged many roofs, and hence, problems such as water damage, leakage, cracked shingles, and granule loss due to ice floods are common. Also, if your roof looks worn out, give it a new lease of life through replacement, thus enhancing your home’s aesthetic outlook. Roof replacement adds value to your home or to remodel it to fit an individual contemporary design. Simply put, at Peter’s Roofing, we can re-inject some fresh breath into your property by replacing its roof. We provide cutting edge technology-based roofing solutions.

If your home has been damaged by a storm, the recovery process can be a bit confusing. Simple mistakes and wrong or delayed decisions could cause more harm in getting your home or business location back to its pre-storm condition.

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