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Somerset County New Roof

Professional roofing in and around Somerset County, New Jersey
Peter’s Roofing serves residents of Somerset County and its surrounding areas. We do roof repair, roofing installation (new construction roofing), and roof replacement. Call +1 973-573-6191 for a free estimate!


Roofing repairs
We can repair almost anything, and if your roof has some life left in it, we’ll fix it up to maximize its lifespan. Whether your roof is metal, tile, slate, asphalt, or something else, it’ll eventually need some TLC. We can get it right as rain in no time.

Peter’s Roofing: New Roof Installation in Somerset County

Roof replacement
Sometimes, the cost of repairing your roof isn’t worth it. If you decide it’s time to replace your roof, make sure you get a roofing company who will do it right. It’s a big cost.

We’re happy to provide references so you feel comfortable choosing us!

New construction roof
Building a new home isn’t cheap, and you want the roof done right. Don’t let poor quality roofing jeopardize your family’s most valuable possession! Whether you’re going for a tiled roof, asphalt shingles, metal, slate, or any other type of roof, Peter’s Roofing is your go-to!

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Roofing help when you need it.
No roofing project is too large or too small. We’ll come out, look at your roofing needs, and talk to you, person-to-person. And of course, we don’t charge you for this.
+1 973-573-6191

Best New Roof Installation in Somerset County, New Jersey

Storm damage roof repair
Unfortunately, storms are a fact of life here in Somerset County. If your roof happens to take the brunt of a hurricane, gale, or any other type of meteorological mischief, please call us ASAP to come to your rescue!

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Roof maintenance
Maintaining your roof now can save you buckets of money later by extending your roof’s life. Peter’s Roofing can help you get the most from your roof, no matter the type!

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Local and responsive
We at Peter’s Roofing are your neighbors and fellow New Jerseyns. We understand the frustrations roof troubles can bring, and the need for new roofs to be done correctly. We’re responsive and communicative…just what you need when so much is at stake!