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At Peter’s Roofing, we provide quality and affordability and that is guaranteed. Having a reliable, leak proof roof over your home not only protects you and your family from the many elements of outside, but it also provides your home with a finishing touch that makes the value of your home increase greatly. Investing in a quality roof will save you money in the long run and will be well worth it, especially during the weather extremes that the city of Teaneck can provide. Peter’s Roofing is a local roofing company that has specialized in roof repair, replacement and home remodeling. We have been serving this great area for years and years. We take much pride in all the work that we do and we want our customers to be satisfied and pleased with us 100% of the time. No one in this area of New Jersey provides the same level of premium roofing services that we do. We will save you significant dollars over the lifespan of your roof.

Many roofing companies focus on speed and cranking out jobs as quickly as possible just so they can get to the next, ultimately so they can maximize their profit. This is unethical because it lowers the quality of their work greatly and is unfair to you, the customer and to the rest of the people living in your home or building. At Peter’s Roofing, our primary concerns are quality of work, attention to detail and customer service. We focus on these concepts because we believe a roof is significantly important to the integrity of a home and we also genuinely care about our customers and want to leave them with smiles on their faces. Don’t get us wrong, we are not slow when it comes to providing you with roof repair and roof installation, we just put quality before quickness. We are efficient yet we take our time to ensure every element of the roofing job is being done the right way so that your roof will last you a lifetime.

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As certified roofing contractors, Peter’s Roofing has the proper certification to be working on your property. Also just to answer your question ahead of time, yes we are licensed and bonded. It is very important to our staff that every part of your roofing job is completed in a reasonable amount of time, as thoroughly as possible and with as much superior craftsmanship as humanly possible. Our first and foremost concern is always your home and family’s safety. We keep that in mind throughout the entire roofing process. Peter’s Roofing offers a wide variety of services that address your home and roofing needs. Below is some more in depth information about each of our quality and premium services that are of course customized to you and your properties needs. You will also see why we are set apart and why you should choose us for your next roofing job.

Peter’s Roofing goes the extra mile for all their customers. We know that cost is a big factor in this industry since roofing jobs are often so expensive and that is why we offer such competitive prices. We also strive to work with your insurance company to make sure that you get all your rights as a policyholder. As you can see we are trained, prepared and equipped to handle a lot of different situations and projects. Don’t wait to get on top of things. That will only be more costly for you in the long run since more damage could be done if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Regardless of what your roof, home or property needs give us a call today. We would be thrilled to hear from you and can be at your location to give you a free consultation and quote today. If you would like someone to get in touch with you rather than you call then please fill out the free quote form.

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Roof Repairs: Whether your roof has been damaged due to some kind of storm having had trees fall on them, has leaks because of a faulty and poor repair attempt or has just undergone natural wear and tear, hiring a certified team of professionals to come in and give you a free inspection is definitely a good idea. It is important that you seek to protect your home and everything inside of it. The longer you wait to have your damaged roof inspected and repaired the more long-term damage could be done. Your roof is not a part of your house that should be purchased on an extremely low budget just to shave off a few dollars. Bring in someone like us and we will help you with your insurance claims and offer the perfect balance between quality and affordability. We repair all types of roof problems, making sure that your home is protected at all times regardless of the season. Basic problems like leaky nail holes, cracks, missing shingles or even large dents and hollows can be a serious pain. If you are having problems with any of the issues that have just been listed don’t wait to take action. We will be at your location and have things functionally and aesthetically repaired in no time.

Roof Replacement: Regardless of how well it was built and installed, every roof at some point needs to be fully replaced. Finding a roofer that can provide quality service and address all your concerns while taking on the project at a reasonable price can be a very difficult thing to do. If you are reading this text right now, we just want you to know that you don’t have to search anymore. At Peter’s Roofing, we are known for providing outstanding roofing service for a low cost. We always provide a free inspection and consultation in which we discuss with you the current roofing situation your in, the direction you would want to go in, the timeline and pricing details. As we stated earlier, we value our customer’s satisfaction greatly and want them to feel at peace when hiring us as their roofing contractor. We promise you that when hiring us you are getting the best deal in town for the best quality replacement job. Our replacement services include complete demolition of your old roof and installation of your new roof with your preferred materials, as well as full decking replacements and repairs. If your roof is oddly shaped, higher than most or larger than most don’t worry about it. Everyone on our staff is highly trained and can handle any type of roofing job regardless of the details. Some of the materials we offer for roof replacement are tile, slate, cedar, flat rubber and metal. We provide all different types of color as well as shape. With our wide variety of quality roofing options, you will surely be able to find the perfect look for your home as well as have your roof be extremely functional for the long term.

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Commercial & Residential: Unlike some roofing companies and contractors, we tailor to both homes and business buildings. Regardless of how you want your roof designed we can take care of it no problem. We have been in this business so long that we have designed just about every style and shape of roof ever requested. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, Peter’s Roofing is the company for you. We will do everything in our power to take care of your needs and ensure your satisfaction.

Top Quality Products & Materials: At Peter’s Roofing we specialize in providing our customers with many high end products that ensure a safe, secure and beautiful way to maximize the potential of their roofs and ultimately properties. Our metals roofs are some of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing materials on the market. Also our Cedar shingles is highly requested by many of the people in Teaneck, New Jersey. All of our products are highly impact resistant and can endure just about any amounts of wind that won’t blow your house over. They keep heat in more efficiently during the winter and cool air in more efficiently during the summer. This feature goes a long way in regards to your checkbook because it lowers the cost of your heating and air conditioning bill so dramatically.

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More Than Just Roofing: Yes we are a roofing company and we are experts in this field of work but we also specialize in several other types of home services such as fence work, painting, and repairing and replacing gutters and siding. We have found that many people who need roofing work done on their home often need one of the other services listed as well. So we figured that we would learn the trade and train everyone on staff to become experts in each area. We have been providing Teaneck, New Jersey with this high quality variety of service for years now and we wouldn’t want to be doing so anywhere else.