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Inspections include:

-Roof Analysis – Core Cut assessment to determine roof system and insulation thickness. Check current condition of roof seems, wall, and equipment flashing. Metal edging, drains, gutters and downspouts reviewed.
-Roof System Overview – What kind of roof do I have? What is the age, and how long should I expect the system to perform? What kind of equipment is on my roof? Does the roof drain properly?
-Budget Cost Review – If required for maintenance and or replacement. We keep up with current industry costs.
-Roof CAD Drawing – Always a good item to have, to locate equipment, mark leaks, and simply to provide you with a map of your rooftop area.
-Infrared Surveys – This is used to locate hard to find leaks or wet installation and thermal heat loss.

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Inspections are an important asset in managing your building’s roof performance. They help prevent problems, help roof system performance and keep you up to date on current cost and planning.

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It’s just the way we work. As a local-owned business, it’s easy for us to understand how you run your department—and your budget. You can’t afford scheduling mishaps, costly estimating errors or inferior workmanship from inexperienced roofers. And, it’s as important to us as it is to you that you’re satisfied with the top-quality products.

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We provide: Efficient solutions to protect your investment Budget cost analysis to assist in decision making Cost effective installation and repairs Roof maintenance programs to extend service life on your roof system Annual and / or seasonal inspections to keep you informed.

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Peter’s Roofing has operated successfully within the roofing industry. Our first-class professional workforce and our total team approach continues to advance our excellent reputation.

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Today, we combine our focus on customer service with the latest technology and a professional consultative approach to roofing solutions. And our successes now span millions of square feet of roofing for the region’s finest industries and institutions.

Peter’s Roofing helps you find the best possible solution for your roofing needs. From service work and maintenance to new construction and roof removal and replacement, you’ll feel confident that you made the best roofing decision for your building.