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-Decra-Tile Roofs
-Flat Roofs
-Foam Roofs
-Laminated Asphalt Shingle Roofs
-Metal Roofs
-Metal Tile Roofs
-Modified Bitumen Roofs
-PVC Roofs
-Rock Roofs
-Single-Ply Roofs
-Slate Tile Roofs
-Standing Seam Metal Roofs
-Wood Shake Roofs
-Wood Shingle Roofs

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Welcome to Peter’s Roofing. Peter’s Roofing is the premier provider of roof repair, maintenance, above grade waterproofing, and roof consulting and inspection services at affordable prices for all of Totowa and its surrounding areas. We have over 11 years of experience working in the roofing industry, and possess the knowledge and expertise required to effectively diagnose, pinpoint, and resolve any and all roof problems on every type of residential, commercial, and industrial roofing system.

Over the years, our local-owned and operated business has performed our premium quality roof maintenance, repair, consulting, and inspection services for tens of thousands of clients throughout our service area. Our level of skill is unmatched in the industry, and the tremendous amount of customer referrals we receive is a testament to our excellent workmanship, as well as to our high standards of professional ethics.

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At Peter’s Roofing, what makes our company unique is our commitment to looking at residential and commercial roofs as complete systems, as “rooftop assemblies,” rather than just fixing the most evident roof problem without addressing the condition of the entire roof, and considering how this condition will affect the remainder of the structure the roof protects. When we evaluate a roof to determine which roof repairs or maintenance services are needed, we take the whole building envelope into account when making our analysis. Then, we only recommend the roof repairs and maintenance services which are really needed, always keeping the long-term health and functionality of our clients’ roofing systems foremost in mind. We perform our roof repairs utilizing only premium quality roofing materials, and for a fraction of the cost of complete roof replacement. We design our roof repairs to blend seamlessly into the existing roofing system, matching them as closely as possible to the existing roof’s material and design layout. In addition, our company’s owner directly supervises all of our roof repair projects.

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Every roofing system is unique, and has its own set of reasons for developing problems. Poorly designed drainage systems, excess debris buildup, improperly flashed roof penetrations, ridge cap failure, and damaged or missing shingles, shakes, or tiles can all be the cause of roof leakage on sloping roof systems. And on flat roofs, damage to the hot mop or PVC foam layer leads to the development of roof leaks in areas of the roof where ponding water is a problem. At Peter’s Roofing, we can resolve all of these roof concerns by performing our affordable roof repair and maintenance services. However, if we determine that our services are not the solution to resolve a roofing system’s problems, but that a complete roof replacement is needed, we will notify our clients of this situation, rather than performing roof repairs which may provide a temporary “fix,” but will be inadequate at resolving the overall problem.

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Contact the roof maintenance and repair specialists at Peter’s Roofing today. We provide our affordable roof repair, preventative maintenance, above grade waterproofing, and roof consulting and inspection services to all of Totowa and its surrounding areas. We offer free onsite estimates throughout our service area, and stand behind all of our roof repairs with a written guarantee. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Peter’s Roofing is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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