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Tile Roof Inspection, Repair & Maintenance

Peter’s Roofing specializes in the inspection and maintenance of clay and concrete tile roofing. Our services include tile roof inspections, tile roofing repairs and maintenance.

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We want every customer to have a tile roof that looks great, keeps the water out, and is designed to minimize maintenance. If your tile roof is failing in one of these areas, we will find the problem and recommend a sensible, cost-effective solution. If the work required goes beyond our scope of work, we can provide referrals and make suggestions for “next steps”.

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As Certified Trainers with the GAF MasterElite, we provide tile roofing expertise that combines 11 years of installation and repair experience with code understanding and technical knowledge to ensure compliance with local requirements and manufacturer warranties.

Our long term, real world experience has shown us common “failure points” in roof systems. This understanding allows us to focus our attention and your resources on the problem, as opposed to applying large, comprehensive roof overhauls to every leak.

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Peter’s Roofing provides warranties on all our products, which leaves every customer feeling safe about their decision. After all, the only thing protecting our precious homes from severe weather is the roof above our heads! We further that guarantee with labor warranties up to 25 YEARS that other contractors cannot offer because we are GAF MASTERELITE Certified.

Our tile roof maintenance and repair service area include all of Waldwick and its surrounding areas. We provide on-site tile roofing inspections locally and nationally.

We also offer remote tile roof advice via e-mail.

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