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Watchung Roof Repair

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Watchung Roof Repair

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Peter’s Roofing
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Peter’s Roofing: Roof Repair in Watchung

Need a new roof? Peter’s Roofing only employs roofing technicians who are experienced and well-trained to carry out roof repair works.

For your roof replacement solutions, Peter’s Roofing have been recognized for providing the best roof replacement.

We employ the most experienced roof installers for our commercial and industrial building projects such as factories, banks, malls, and warehouses.

CALL US: +1 973-573-6191

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Admit it or not, we don’t really bother checking our roofs until we encounter a leak. Regular inspections in Watchung is necessary. This is why it is best to have reliable roofing contractors in Watchung to immediately resolve the issue before it becomes a very expensive repair service.

Normal wear and tear, severe weather conditions, and improper installation are some of the reasons why we need to replace our roofing system at home. While the first two reasons are beyond our control, the last one can be prevented if we hire trustworthy roofing contractors. The only thing we can do is to make sure that when Mr. Sun is out, we should regularly inspect our roof of any damage caused by these natural forces.

If this is something that you can’t do on your own, you can always contact the Peter’s Roofing Roofers to carry out this work for you.

Best Insurance Covered Roof Repair in Watchung, New Jersey

Peter’s Roofing offers various roof-related services to Watchung residents and surrounding areas. We can assist in inspecting your roof to see whether a repair is necessary in order to extend the life of your house’s roofing system.

A damaged roof does not mean everything has to be replaced. With the help of roofing experts, they can advise us if only a portion of our roof needs to be repaired. Since they are the experts in this field, we can be assured that once repaired, our problem on leaky roofs will immediately be resolved.

Of course, when you employ roofing contractors in Watchung, make sure that they are dependable and trustworthy, like the Peter’s Roofing Roofer are. Our team is honest and will truthfully tell you whether a portion of your roof needs to be repaired or you need to replace the whole roofing system. They will explain and justify the work that needs to be done, making sure that you are aware and you understand the extent of the scope of their work.

CALL US: +1 973-573-6191

Watchung Roof Repair Near Me

Sometimes, due to the normal wear and tear or the deterioration of the roof, an immediate roof replacement is required. Before we arrive at this situation, our team will make sure that they have exhausted all possible options to save your roof.

And if it has come to a point that the entire roofing system has to be replaced, we will still give you options on how we can help you resolve this very “expensive” issue. We usually ask clients about their budget. Based on this, we try to work on this allocated budget. While we do this, we still ensure that we provide them with a roof and service that is impeccable and of quality.

Our team will try our best to work on your budget and see how can we resolve this issue.

Let’s fix your roof!

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If you are looking for a roofing contractor that you can trust, Peter’s Roofing is at your service. Our team always have our clients best interest in mind. We guarantee that whether it’s a repair or an entire replacement, our team will give an outstanding service that is satisfactory to our clients.

Our staff is friendly and professionally-trained. We are confident that all our roofing technicians are knowledgeable and can resolve all roofing issues. In order for them to execute their job well, we make sure that we provide them with state-of-the-art tools and equipment.

Peter’s Roofing is open from Monday—Friday: 9AM–5PM
Saturday-Sunday: Closed.

If you need experts to inspect your roofing in Watchung, do not hesitate to contact us. We are your reliable roofing contractors in Watchung. We will make sure that we always get the work done right, the first time.

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Peter's General Construction LLC Icon Peter's General Construction LLC

119 Nesbit Terrace, Irvington

4.5 ★★★★★ 55 reviews

  • Avatar msdenisenj d ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    We had a terrible storm here in Edison on 7/22/2019. The dome to my attic fan was torn off exposing my attic to the heavy rain and winds. I made many phone calls on the evening of 7/22 and in the am on 7/23 to many contractors. No one answered the phone nor did they call me back. Peter answered his phone and was at my home in two hours. He replaced the attic fan in the rain while standing on a wet roof. He does exceptional work and at a fair price. I highly recommend him.
  • Avatar Patricia Wright ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    We needed siding, windows and gutters for our house. After getting quotes from several contractors we decided to go with this company. The owner Pedro gave a nice estimate and addressed any concerns we had from start to finish. They did a very good job with installation of everything. They did a total transformation of our house. People were in awe of the job. They did a total cleanup when the job was complete. I have recommended this company to several people. Needless to say I was pleased.
  • Avatar Jon Green ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Our Condo Association needed roof repair, gutter repair / cleaning and some vinyl siding repaired. This team took care of everything and our homeowners are very thankful!
    Analab Condo Assoc.
  • Avatar michael thomas ★★★★★ 3 years ago
    I met with peters team to see pricing in regards to my roof getting replaced. They provided me with a simple quote that was straight forward to understand and the price was right. They ended up coming on a Saturday morning and working from 8-3 and did my entire roof. I'm extremely happy with their services and I would recommend them to a friend if possible.

Peter's Roofing, Gutter Skylight Attic Fan Siding Chimney.
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Juan Pichazaca
Juan Pichazaca
8 hours ago
Peter's General Construction
Based on 7 Reviews
Anthony F.
Anthony F.
2022-03-24 18:13:13
My experience with Pedro started with some simple repairs of some fascia that had separated, once in the front (in 10 degree weather) and another time in...
Nancy V.
Nancy V.
2021-11-01 14:18:37
I wish they would give me a quote. I call and I don't know if they speak english or not. One of the workers came and took pictures of my roof and chimney...
William R.
William R.
2021-08-09 13:56:00
They did really great work on a portion of our house that had the roofing installed improperly by another company. 6 months later a shingle fell from...
Karen B.
Karen B.
2021-07-17 18:50:10
Pedro replaced a leaking skylight in my home. He was quick to respond with an estimate and scheduling, worked with me on the price and did a great job with...
Marisa N.
Marisa N.
2021-04-30 10:38:29
I had several shingles blow off my roof in the middle of a horrible downpour. Called a few other roofing companies who didn't handle small repairs or flat...
David R.
David R.
2020-06-22 11:13:18
The attic van was professionally repaired on time and at a good price. Once we called they were at my house the next day doing the work and got it done fast.
Caz C.
Caz C.
2019-09-27 16:36:25
Called and they came and delivered. Highly recommended. Great job. The pictures speak for themselves....
Suzy T.
Suzy T.
2019-08-19 07:04:35
Peter's General Construction is the best !!! Pedro did my chimney liner, pass the town building inspection with a flying color and now I am using him for...
Rachel H.
Rachel H.
2019-05-25 07:47:53
Needed my roof repaired due to leakage that was causing mold in my bedroom closet. Peter was very responsive. He was able to come give me a free quote the...
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