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Westfield Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney leak repair is a complex and costly process. Even though chimney repairs are not extremely common, they are still necessary to safeguard your home. Repairing a chimney can be done easily if you have the right tools and knowledge of how a chimney works. Below is a list of some of the more common chimney repairs that must be done at one time or another.

Cracked or Dented Crown or Mortar joints – Because chimney mortar joints are very thin, they can easily be cracked or dented. This will allow dangerous creosote fumes and other organic matter to get into your home and also make the chimney flue fire unstable. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to have a chimney contractor to perform tests on your chimney before patching any cracks. When checking the chimney for potential problems, use a flashlight to check the interior walls and ceiling for possible cracks or creosote deposits.

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Cracking or Dented Roof Leak Repair If you find a hole in your chimney, you should always begin with chimney leak repair. If left alone, the hole will continue to get bigger over time. The roofing material will eventually deteriorate and the hole will get even larger until it is covered up by the new shingles or tiles. This is why it is best to have chimney repairs performed as soon as possible. You could end up losing your home entirely if you don’t get a professional to fix the problem in time.

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Cracks and Dented Roof A chimney leak repair may sound like the simplest repair needed, but it is actually one of the trickiest ones to address. If you leave a crack or dent in your roof, you can expect that the problem will eventually grow until there are serious damages. The only way to effectively deal with a cracked or dent is to treat it from the inside out. One way to treat a roof leak problem is to fill the crack or dent with mortar. You should never put mortar down on the outside of the house because the mortar will eventually seep out and damage the chimney as well.

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Cracks and Dented Crowns Another problem that could occur if you don’t have chimney inspections performed on your chimney each year is crown and stem are cracking. Crowns and stems are the sections of your chimney that project up and away from your house to catch the creosote fumes that are released during burning. Because they are so small, they often get left behind after a fire and because they are usually brittle they can easily break and dent.

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Cracks and Dented Ceilings Another chimney maintenance task that many home owners ignore yearly is water entry. Water entry is caused by the failure to install proper flue systems and venting. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that water entry causes up to $500 per year in damage costs alone. Cracks and denting that occur from water entry can also lead to mold growth and structural failure. To deal with these problems, chimney sweeps are often recommended. Chimney sweeps are professional inspection services that look at both chimney entrances and exits, determining whether or not they are properly vented and equipped with protective coverings and devices.

Best Chimney Leak Repair in Westfield, New Jersey

Flues and Ventilation Another area of chimney maintenance that many homeowners fail to check on a regular basis is the chimney’s ventilation system. If the chimney’s ventilation system does not work properly it can cause dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals to be released into the air which can cause serious health problems. Chimneys that are not vented can also contribute to corrosion, damage to masonry and shingles, and reduce efficiency.

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There are a number of chimney repairs that can be performed depending on the type of chimney leak. These chimney maintenance tasks can include everything from installing a chimney cover to cleaning out damaged portions of the chimney. If your chimney has an interior liner, you can use steel wool, tile, or other absorbent materials to repair damage to the liner. If your chimney has an exterior chimney liner, you can use a blower or paint to coat exposed chimney parts to protect them and stop future corrosion.